Autumn hot fashion trends


The fashion month has just begun, which means that autumn is coming and will be resolved with a new trend. Ava Ryan, a seven-year-old YouTube prodigy, is here to help, but the mission can be daunting. In fact, the seven-year-old girl almost made her look easy because she broke her fall fashion advice.
“Hello, my name is ava is a boss of my wife and I,” the new star, who has amassed more than 600000 followers of weeks on them (said to her, with her mother’s account quick-minded, of course, because she is a minor) occur in adulting and popular culture. “I have a crazy week because it’s fashion week… I don’t have time to look at the kid. Why is that?” “A little girl of half an adult,” she said.
Although she is known for her role as Charlene, her fashion stylist’s role may be one of her most interesting. “I’m nervous, colin, bring me my pancake,” he said from behind the table. “I just like to smell them.”
As for the trend behind her, red is one of them. “Red is intense,” she said. “It’s the color of pepperoni. Who doesn’t like pizza?” At the same time, “silver is the new gold,” she said, walking through a shiny coat. “With this, you’ll never be invisible at the party.”
Ryan explained that the coat was also a big fall event, nodding to Rihanna and Kendall Jenner. “It’s one of my favorite seasons,” she explained, pointing to two models of Missy Elliott’s debt. “I call them Michelin men chic, you look like a high fashion cotton candy.” Ryan’s other coat style is a super fluffy coat. “If you can’t dress like a fairy carpet, what’s the point of living?” she asked. “It’s the clothes I wore when I ate a big cup of ice cream, and so on. I haven’t eaten ice cream for 17 years.
As for Ryan’s top trend this season? “My favorite fall trend is feathers,” she says. “Big bird is the fashion icon of our time.”


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