Good fashion invites SoftWear automation to participate in the Scaling plan


Amsterdam, Netherlands, August 8, 2017 – Fashion for Good is a global initiative designed to make all Fashion brands more beautiful. The atlanta-based robot sewing company SoftWear Automation announced today that they will be using Fashion for Good’s zooming program to provide everyone with convenience, affordable and attractive changes. SoftWear and Fashion for Good will jointly promote the t-shirts and clothes, shoes and household products widely used automatic Sewbot ™ line work. This collaboration shows that SoftWear automation and Fashion for Good are committed to the fast tracking of sustainable innovation in the clothing supply chain.
“Fashion is Good” (Fashion for Good) is a founding partner of C&A foundation launched an initiative, to call brands, manufacturers, retailers, suppliers, nonprofits, innovators and stakeholders, joint design, reshape the Fashion design, wear and repeated use. So choose SoftWear automation from a number of innovators. As the Scaling of the Program participants, SoftWear can access technology experts, scientists and industry experts network, so it can accelerate and expand the revolutionary Sewbot ™ process line.
“Our Sewbots make it more consumer-friendly, less transport, inventory and carbon dioxide,” says Palaniswamy, chairman and chief executive of SoftWear automation. “The current supply chain is one of the second largest oil polluters, and only by developing low-cost labor.”

SoftWear automation company Sewbot ™ line will patent combined with lightweight robotics, computer vision can be more efficient than fabric knitted fabric through the needle. This industry-leading technology enables manufacturers to shorten the distance between manufacturers and consumers geographically and create higher-quality products.
“The core of Fashion for Good is innovation,” said Katrin Ley, managing director of Fashion for Good. With our partners, our goal is to harness innovation to a world where we take, manufacture and remake, not make and waste. We are pleased to welcome the SoftWear automation into our expansion plan, we look forward to working with them and make them a revolutionary Sewbot ™ process line technology into the mainstream. ”
SoftWear automation, chief commercial officer Pete Santora said: “the Fashion for Good and we agreed that the global supply chain has been broken, we are pleased to see how to speed up our brand, manufacturer and the partner to” SEWLOCAL “. The apparel industry spends less than 1% on research and development, not just creating new ideas, but also implementing them. This project solves this problem and we expect to “do better” through such cooperation.
Fashion is good
Fashion for goodness is here to make all fashionable global initiatives. “Good style” through in the form of support and funding to provide practical action to inspire and expand innovation, share the best practices and lessons learned in the open source map, and promote the whole garment industry departments. Good fashion invites brands, manufacturers, retailers, suppliers, nonprofits, innovators and funders to change the industry.
Fashion for Good launched in 2017, by its foundation as a founding partner, plug and play, and to get partners McDonough Innovation, from the cradle to cradle, institute of product Innovation, IDH – sustainable trade initiatives, the sustainable apparel coalition, Ellen MacArthur foundation and affect the hub Amsterdam C&A, galeries lafayette department store group and Fashion and Kering first brand for Good cooperation.


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