Meet the most popular street style kids in Seoul


It may often feel that Instagram’s street-style stars are getting younger. During Seoul fashion week, this was virtually inevitable – but the cutting edge of the sewn was not in the twenties, but in the actual children.
There must be a lot of planning, procurement, and execution to make a child who has not finished reading in a street style world shine. They are not wearing the typical osh Kosh B ‘er uniform or baby GAP hoodie. Yeezys, whose appearance is as complex as anything their adult wears: Yeezys; Nike Cortezes; Supreme and Stussy t-shirts. They are dressed in elaborate layers that violate the practical rules of the children’s wear, and designer accessories abound, such as chanel necklaces and Gucci side bags (though both are dubious authenticity).
It’s not hard to figure out who these street kids are. For each standing outside the memorial was forty years old, givenchy, there is a mother standing outside the picture frame – sometimes smile, sometimes frowned, but always on guard quietly, ensure that the photographer is lens. More than once, the mothers even pushed the children to strangers’ cameras. These women all have one thing in common: a firm desire to have their children photographed in fashion week.
Most women from Seoul, and some from nearby suburbs, they believe that two people of lanzhou lanzhou to fly from China, just for the sake of daughter smartened up “attend”. “We come because we love fashion,” one participant said. Nor was it possible to tell a single program that they attended.
But it makes no sense to fly for six hours, compared to some women who are ready to go into fashion week. Every day of fashion week requires two or six pieces of clothing, all carefully placed in a suitcase carried by the mother. Street style photographers perched on the streets around the corner, changing their appearance. Lee Kangsun said: “I started studying these clothes last month and his seven-year-old son, Yun Jaewook, caused a stir with his red jumpsuit and round wire frame glasses. “I’m looking forward to blogging and social media and starting to put his clothes together.”

While most mothers have full control over their children’s clothing, the process becomes more collaborative once the children are able to really understand what the clothes are and develop their own patterns of taste. Eunice Lee said: “I used to do this, but now she tells me what she likes. When asked how she would describe her 9-year-old daughter, li’s unharmonious style, she pushed her way through the air and threw her arms in the air, Shouting, “I want to see chic and chic!”
Jarring explains her outfit, one of her favorites: a turquoise velvet dress with lace cuffs. Her mother said, “she has more clothes than I do now.”
Organizing your child’s clothes is just the first step to becoming a successful street-style mom. Next, set up an Instagram page for your child and fill it with attractive images. Every street style kid is on Instagram, even before they’re old enough to know what Instagram really means.


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