Your Snoozefest strength training program also makes your muscles tired


More weight means more muscle, right, but a new study published in the journal of international sports medicine suggests that light weight alternation is the best way to increase muscle strength.
The researchers followed 19 men after completing an eight-week strength-training course. Half of it is done according to the traditional weekly intensity plan, which can be made up to eight to 12 times per combo weight. The rest of us to adjust the weight: they work on the first day increased from 2 to 4 weight close to the largest weight, weight is moderate for 8 to 12 the next day, on the third day weight for 20 to 30.
Although both groups had great benefits, the biceps and triceps increased in weight players and improved muscle endurance. They can also gain more in the game. (the researchers expect similar results for women)
Why is that? Lifting light and heavy muscle fibers is more extensive than lifting medium-weight muscle fibers alone, said Dr. Brad Schoenfeld, an assistant professor of sports science at lehman college in New York.

Let’s explain: your muscle fiber comes in two flavors: 1 and 2. While a type 1 fiber is best for light load and is responsible for endurance exercise, like lifting a small dumbbell 20 to 30 times, he says, make your 2 fibers work. By tapping these two types of muscle fiber, you’ll get all the benefits: size, strength and endurance.
To get the most out of your strength training, Schoenfeld recommends using a series of weights and representatives to exercise. But, he says, you don’t need to change things every day to reap the benefits of different weights. Alternating weights based on weekly or monthly basis will bring you similar benefits – plus, they make your workouts easier to track.
In a week or a month, try to increase the approximate maximum weight, one to five times per group. Next, transition to a moderate weight, 8-12 times per group. For your last cycle, he says, lift a light weight, 15 times each. Then, bask in the glory of your awesome muscles.


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