How to find true protective sunglasses ~ looks good ~


Looking for the right shade – those that look good and protect sensitive eyes from uv damage – can be difficult. But these shopping tips will help you pick the best pair for you.
When you buy a new pair of sunglasses, you might consider your face shape, the latest trends and budgets. But one thing you may not have thought of is that it might have lasting effects: ultraviolet radiation.
Those with no edges and color lenses fashion colors may look cool, but if there is no appropriate sun protection technology, they may be in the summer and many summer can cause vision problems. Radiation and sun damage in your eyes and surroundings are a serious problem – short and long term. Sunburn on your cornea (alas!). It may take three days to recover. And over time, macular degeneration causes vision degeneration and even blindness.
To help set up the right records and guide you on the road to shopping (or carnival!) , ends with a fashion and protective sunglasses, depending on the road, senior director of customer development Janelle Routhier, OD, FAAO provides these must know the facts and trouble-free tips, when using the best shopping summer accessories. (let your online shopping start with these seven fashion sunglasses, and protect your eyes as well.)
When you try to put on a pair of sunglasses, the annoying label blocks your vision, which is a very good and necessary reason. “The number one thing you should always look for is to make sure the lens has anti-uva and UVB protection at least 98%,” says Routhier. Better yet, if they say, they also protect against uv radiation.
Go to a classic shape
The iconic first lady Jackie O and her classic round black frame will never go out of style, which is good news for you. When it comes to the size and shape of the frame, Routhier says, the bigger the better. “Look for the style that is wrapped in the face, which helps to block the light from both sides and make the face stronger,” she said. “The wider the temple, the more light it has, the same with the lens.”
Avoid pilots
Sorry, this long chic style is ranked low on the solar protection level. Routhier says there is less demand for lenses and frames. She said, “they are far from you. “They allow a lot of light into your eyes or around your lenses.” This is important because when you’re lying on a beach towel, it’s not just the light that hits you directly. And the light reflected from the surface or ski slopes can be reflected back from a surface and into your eyes or surrounding skin.

Polarized lenses do not provide more protection
But they will make your vision better. Polarization is essentially the “sharpening” tool in Photoshop. “This process” adds an extra filter to the lens that blocks the light that is scattered through the eye and reduces glare, says Routhier. “If the weather is wet, or if you’re on a boat or on the beach, this is especially useful.” Oh, for reference only, mirror lenses don’t work either this way or that way.
Ombre or gradient lenses can help
“The benefit of using ombre or gradient lenses is that you can get different light into the lens,” says Routhier. According to sunlight, you can have more light or less. Even though the base of the lens is fairly light, as long as it still has the proper uv protection level, it will still work.
Deeper lenses do not necessarily mean more protection
On the contrary, just because a pair of sunglasses has ultra-dark lenses does not guarantee that they can protect your eyes from the bitter sun. “If it doesn’t meet the standards, no matter how dark the camera is, it doesn’t meet the standards,” Routhier said.
You can upgrade any pair
Invest in a quality sunglass with a big, durable frame, and proper uv protection and polarization may not be what you’re ready for – after all, how many of you have lost your car to sunnies? Routhier says you can still get expensive sunscreens with cheap sunglasses. All you need to do is ask your ophthalmologist to add a coating on the back of the lens to reduce the reflection of the light, thereby turning the $20 shadow into a $120 vertigo.
The three winning streaks of protection are your best bet
While any sunglasses are better than no sunglasses, Routhier says it’s true protection and you need three straight wins. With appropriate frame and lenses protect sunglasses, sunscreen on the face (especially in thin skin around the eyes) and wide-brimmed hat together is to protect your skin, and vision from damaging the best combination of the sun. (learn more about sunscreen, including some common myths about sunscreen.)


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