The face of Louis vuitton’s new dress line is a man?


Louis vuitton recently announced a new look for their womenswear collection, a model that everyone wants: high, thin, luminous, effortless and unique. Oh, he’s him. Jaden Smith, the son of the actor Will and Jada Pinkett Smith, is the representative of the women’s movement in the spring and summer.
On the one hand, it’s a good way to blur the gender line of fashion. Men should be able to rock and roll, women should be able to rock and roll menswear. (and you have to admit that he was killed in black and white.) However, I can’t help but think that this is problematic for some women’s body image. I like the progress made in gender mobility, but I don’t like the history of the fashion industry hiding the women’s curves.
Celebitchy summed up my unease in their report, writing: “my first thought was that the fashion industry simply let teenage boys copy women’s clothes, it was just a matter of time. Today’s women’s fashion has been for the slim little chest, all legs and arms and make, so why don’t you admit the obvious phenomenon, let a teenage boy to shape these styles?
As a woman who has enough curve, could make me not haute couture dress (not I can afford it), feel this is just a way to tell us that our body is not good enough. Being a teenage boy is not enough. Now considered beautiful, do you have to be a boy? This seems to be the opposite of what women have been doing for decades.

It gets even more uncomfortable when you consider the current big debate around advanced customization. Although several fashion houses have joined the very occasional large woman in a fashion show or advertisement, there has never been a choice for this woman. So make it clear: a man is the face of an LV woman in front of a large woman? Ok.
I can now hear you say, “but everyone has room for fashion, just because Jaden isn’t going to make other people less beautiful!” You’ll be right. Just because someone has a great body image doesn’t mean we can’t. My problem is not that a man is wearing even a model woman’s clothes. (Go Jaden!) So many women are still excluded from women’s fashion.
But fashion has never promised equality or justice. In the best of circumstances, it makes us think about how we see ourselves, and forces us to question and expand our idea of beauty, which of course can give it its own right.
Therefore, Jaden in he said in a statement to his new job: “I like to wear clothes that are very large, so I can feel like a super hero, but not necessarily everyone wearing superhero costumes days.” I like that. I just want to know when we stop telling girls that superheroes need to be men.


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