Forever miniskirt: how does a dress symbolize women’s liberation


Since the early 1960s, the miniskirt has become a symbol of women’s liberation. In the early days of the feminist movement, like Mary quinn (Mar Quant), Andre le day (AndreCourreges) and Yves Saint Laurent (Yves Saint Laurent) the designers are starting to improve the skirt (and a few eyebrows) is not a coincidence. In “swing London,” models like Twiggy are wearing white leggings and long boots in the country’s miniskirt. In Paris, the exterior became part of the space age. In the United States, activists like Germaine Greer and Gloria Steinem put them on the front line.
In fact, mini has become so politicized that when the designer dior did not show them on the track, a group of self-proclaimed “mini association” in the protection of the woman in a protest outside the exhibition, signs that read: miniskirts forever. ”

Miniskirts never disappear from public consciousness – like Kate moss and Naomi Campbell and the spice girls, Ellie, mike al and cher, horowitz, maintained the trend so ignorant. They really are, however, at the beginning of the 21st century, back when the American designers like Tom ford back into fashion, but the girl like Pamela Anderson and skirt of Paris Hilton put forward further and denim miniskirt, proliferation we now call “microminiature. “As Hilton herself told W this year,” the skirt should be the size of the belt, life is short, take risks.
Today, supermodels like Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner are all proud of their predecessors, showing off their miniskirts on the red carpet of designers such as Gucci, Miu Miu and Marc Jacobs. To make a long story short: in 2017, we have finally reached the macro or micro point where our bottom line is free.


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