Meet the trends and projects of fashion in 2018


If we learn anything from the wild and wacky fashion of 2017, it is to expect unexpected things. Minimalism walks out of the window and likes to love glitz, glamour and chic. The artist becomes the coolest collaborator over the musician. And some of the new models brought their characters to New York, London, milan and Paris.
Even in this age of change, we will spend money on the nine trends that will dominate fashion trends in 2018. If they don’t, don’t worry – we’ll be the first to tell you.
KiraKira clothing is the new nude.
Sexiness has a new form. The best dresses in 2018 will be hidden in sequins and glitter swirls, not disclosure. With the support of London’s upstart Michael Halpern, the KiraKira friendly appearance has gained traction at Paco Rabanne, Tom Ford, dolce & gabbana and Dior. The future is bright.
Art cooperation is the new music cooperation.
The business frenzy that governs 2017 will give way to a new round of collaboration in 2018: an updated art fashion pairing. At Calvin Klein, Raf Simons joined Andy Warhol’s screen prints in his spring 2018 collection. This became the beginning of a multi-year collaboration between the brand and the Warhol Foundation, a partnership that promises to test the boundaries of fashion and art. In gucci, alessandro michel also has the power of fine arts. Michele did not reserve A class A photographer, but invited artist Ignasi Monreal to draw Gucci’s spring collection in 2018. The result was untimely. Like many trends, you can bet on where simmons and michelle go, and everyone else follows.
Scrunchies is the new dad hat.
Is every cool girl in your feed wearing the right dad hat in 2017? You’re not alone. However, we’re betting that by next summer, those embroidered hats will be replaced by another retrogressive accessory: scrunchie. The latest collection from balenciaga and Mansur Gavriel shows that the pudgy hairdressing is likely to be an ironical satire in the twenties.

The cargo pants are the new jeans.
Natalie Kingham, director of procurement for, recently told Vogue: “denim is slowing down. Are you surprised? In the course of 2017, everything that can happen to a pair of jeans will happen, including being deconstructed as a bare seam. After the denim, there was a new look. From the Sacai runway to the Vogue office, you can see the relaxed and comfortable camouflage, khaki clothing and military green clothing. Even if keyagper wears them, it means that the trend has legs.
Julie ryder sneaker is the new Stan Smith.
Adidas Stan Smith (Stan Smith) as the coolest sneakers in two years and on the position of commander in chief, but the trend in 2017, with the rise of ugly beautiful steps. Balenciaga’s heavyweight Triple S sneakers are leading, followed by Prada’s neon diving shoes, Loewe elfin suede sneakers and Yeezy Wave Runners. Then again, the pendulum may soon return to the stes-vetements’ plan to issue a steinsmith-style shoe this winter.
The smashed print is the new shocking pink.
We need optimism and happiness more than ever before. In 2017, that means a rich pink dress from Rejina Pyo, Valentino and Celine. In the coming spring, pink will continue to be strong, but we will also see a new trend: a series of bright colors of hyper-conflict printing. In Marni, Francesco Risso mixes floral and plaid patterns, while street-style designs have remixed optical floral patterns.
A miniature purse is a new butt bag.
We call our favorite new handbag “take notes”. There are few credit CARDS in such a small phone, and these handbags already have a celebrity endorsement. Rihanna, who has seen the start of 2017’s hip wrap trend, has a tiny purse of Jacquemus around Barbados.
The Coed runway show is now buying new now.
Remember buying now is the hottest buzzword of all time? In 2018, it will be replaced by coed. After Gucci’s move earlier this year, more than a dozen fashion brands have announced that they will merge in men’s and women’s wear. With the disappearance of the concept of gender fashion, this is a phenomenon we have been expecting for some time.
Cool girl is the new Insta girl.
Social media stars and high cheekbones will always have a place in the fashion world, but by 2017, the new wave of cool girls will be on the rise. For example, Sophie Koella, an African-American model, never walked across the runway when she met her in 2016. This year, she has become the Natacha ramsay-levi of Chloe and a mainstay of the fashion world, without losing any vivacity. Along with Koella are models such as Selena Forrest and Grace Hartzel, whose personal style and energy permeate their models. “I have a strong personality for girls,” said Maria Grazia Chiuri, artistic director of dior. “That’s what I want. I’m glad that there are so many models who have a real personality. “


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