Victoria’s secret angels in Pj, shiny gold, and how to give perfect gifts


With the advent of the holiday, the list of Christmas guides is endless and suggests all aspects, but who can offer a little more seasonal wisdom than Victoria’s secret angel? With busy schedules and extended family shopping, the underwear brand Muse is an expert in finding the right gift for the right person. While they can issue prepaid CARDS or share endless pink bras, the angels we talked about this year are looking for something more special.
Here, Taylor Hill, Jasmine Tookes and Romee Strijd share their favorite things they’ve received, and why it’s never a good idea to give socks, and their personal rules for finding the perfect gift.
Rule 1: don’t give up gifts, don’t wear socks!
Interestingly, stunts may seem funny to the giver, depending on what the gift is, and the receiver’s response can lead to a crash. “Actually, on my brother’s birthday, I gave me the worst present,” hill’s holiday gift and her brother Chase didn’t combine well. “I put the stones together, I put the little faces on them, and then I put them in a house, and it should be like our little family. When he opened it, he was very upset. He’s like, “oh my god, Tyler’s surprised me.” ”
Untestable humor can be disappointing, but so is an uninspired stocking. Rhett say: “the worst thing should from where my grandma crazy Christmas socks, he suggested that holiday themed underwear more interesting, depends on the receiver, and even frivolous choice.
Rule 2: don’t underestimate the emotional value
Focusing on what one loves helps bring gifts to the next level. Has a friend who likes a TV show? Take it as part of this year. “My mom and grandma always liked my presents,” tucks said. He remembers the plush toy her mother bought for her when she was 4 years old. “When I open the presents, I have a picture, I’m screaming!
Personalization can make things more special, especially when you turn a beloved moment into a souvenir. “The best thing I got was from my sister, and she brought me a pillow with our picture,” says strade, who now blends in with her home decor. Hill’s pet dog Tate inspired her favorite gift. “Last year, my sister turned me into a huge blanket with Tate’s face engraved on it. It’s amazing.”

Rule 3: everyone loves pajamas
Every season, of course, the angels to friends and family to share a Victoria’s secret equipment, but they told us this season, they are looking for a more casual than with bra and pajamas. Every angel plans to give away pajamas, but they all have different styles. For Tookes, this is a sleek, two-piece tactile appeal. “They feel good about your skin,” she says. Strijd prefers oversized t-shirts with “very comfortable” clothes. Hill’s heat is a bit reminiscent of her Colorado cold winter days. “They remind me of my childhood,” she said. “We all had them and grew up in Colorado. My mother used to dress up at the Christmas tree because she thought it was cute. ”
Rule 4: be extravagant when you doubt it
A little charm never hurts anyone, especially during the holidays. For the record, the angel maintains, the golden light is always a good choice. “I love jewelry, so I like to give away my family jewelry, even some diamonds, interesting things,” Tookes says. Like handbags? According to Strijd, there are also some works by chanel or dior. “I might give mom a nice bag because she likes handbags.”
Of course, just because you give a big item doesn’t mean you can’t have a little fun. “Every year, I always try to do something different and change it,” said hill, the organization’s prankster. “In the last few years, I would give my mom some nice jewelry, but I would cheat her. [I would] put things in jewelry bags, but actually Tom ford!
Rule 5: you don’t have to pay special things
Even with perfume, pyjamas and golden lights this year, the angels agree that sometimes the best gifts don’t cost anything. “I want to spend a lot of time with my family,” says Tookes, who is on vacation in California. Strider has a similar plan. “They are the most important to me and I really look forward to getting some quality time.” Although hill agrees, she doesn’t mind adding a member to her photogenic group this year. ‘I wish I had another dog! She said.


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