How to make an easy carroto pork sandwich recipe


Barbecued Carolina pork shoulder is ridiculously easy to do, but it looks and tastes like you’ve been cooking all day. In a sense, both are facts. You’ll need about 30 minutes of prep time, but you’ll be on the shoulder for four to five hours. However, this is not very strenuous. All you have to do is add charcoal and sawdust every hour.
In the chimney starter, light weight (cleaner than coal balls). Set up your charcoal for indirect barbecue (if you have a gas grill, see above) and warm to 350 degrees. To rub, place salt, black pepper, sweet chili powder, mustard powder and deep brown sugar into a small bowl. Rub the pork shoulder and knead the meat with your fingers. So the dripping fat separates the meat from the cooking, leaving the spiced pork shoulder in the middle of the cut. Now throw a small piece of wood in water or beer and throw it on every pile of coal. Cover grill, indirect roast pork until it is mahogany, tender as a broken heart. The internal temperature of your instant reading meat thermometer should record 195 degrees, a process that takes four to five hours. You need to add fresh charcoal every hour. (when you do this, turn off the top of the oven for five minutes, so that the new coal has enough air to ignite.) You should also add a few soaked pieces of wood to every coal pile every hour for the first three hours.
When your pig sizzle on the grill, put the sauce and the carrot together. When the pork shoulder is finished, cut it up, toast the bread and combine it with (the instructions below). This is the closest thing to a sandwich to heaven.

The pork shoulder
Light block charcoal
Wood chips
2 TBSP. Jewish salt
2 TBSP. Black pepper
2 TBSP. Bell peppers
2 TBSP. Mustard powder
2 TBSP. Deep brown sugar
8 pounds of pig’s shoulders (aka Boston bum)
12 sesame buns
Slaw and Sauce
1 small head, chopped cabbage
1 c. mustard
1 c. Brown sugar
1 c. vitriolic
Season with salt and pepper
Sauce: put the mustard, brown sugar and vinegar into the pan, and cook until thickened, stirring often for 3-5 minutes. Season with salt and pepper to cool the mixture to room temperature. Pour 1 cup of dressing into a large mixing bowl of chopped cabbage and make mustard. The carrot will be accompanied by pork bun. Brush the sesame bread with melted yellow oil and set aside.
Pork shoulder: when the pig is cooked, move to the cutting board, cover with foil and rest for 10 minutes. At the same time, the remaining charcoal in the oven will be made into a flat mound, and the inside of the bun will remain until golden brown. Without this, you won’t be able to achieve the perfect pork sandwich. Cut the pork into small pieces with a cutting knife. Some burned skin or fat can end up in the mixture – they add extra flavor. Put some pork in a bun and dip it with mustard and a spoonful of mustard.


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