The average Briton borrows 452 pounds from his credit card during the Christmas season


Christmas spending sequela means, waste plastics of britons will begin in 2018, because of their credit card more than an average of 450 pounds – many people worry that in the next year before Christmas, the debt will continue to haunt them.
According to the survey of the price comparison service Weller of uSwitch, nearly 8.5 billion pounds sterling has been put on the card, to pay for the cost of the gift and entertainment, the service found that nearly one 5 of the consumer is more than the budget of Christmas, because they are facing the rising cost of living. money expert Tashema Jackson, the investigation of 4000 consumers, he said: “in January is supposed to be looking at the future, but across the country, millions of britons will see them at the expense of the holiday spending.”

The survey found that britons borrowed an average of 452 pounds to make up for the holiday. Britain’s cheapest supermarket Christmas dinner is 18 per cent higher than last year, according to an annual survey, as the impact of inflation and the cost of the UK’s brexit has entered the festive family table.
Half of the respondents told uSwitch that they feared they would still clean up their debts by December 2018. Nearly one in ten still paid off last year’s Christmas debt.
Jackson said it is important to deal with debt concerns. “There are many ways to do this,” she explains. “In addition to spending cuts… Providing 0% of the balance transfer interest card can provide breathing room. But if you feel that your credit card problem is getting out of hand like StepChange, charities offer free and fair advice. “


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