How do you mix street style with high fashion in Montana


The state of Montana leads a virtuous life. Whether his big closet (dude how many silk gowns and mink), for high-end wine hobby, or with a long-term friend Sean Combs (Sean Combs) driving a private jet, the French are not modest to sneak out. This is part of his image and the real representative of his music. He is only working with Ciroc to become the new French ambassador – Diddy. We talked about his decline, his personal style, and the real meaning of working with hip-hop legends.
In personal style
Recently, I was gray-white for t-shirts and sweat, Fendi for crazy furs, Supreme and Gucci scarves, shirts, jackets and clear robes. I love my silk robe. This year, I wore a Gucci gown and won the BET award. I’ve been looking for ways to bring silk robes out of the house. I went from a street style to a mix of high-end fashion.

Although the brand I wear is very popular, I still try to make myself look fresh by using a limited edition, or find the unexpected style that suits me directly. That doesn’t mean I don’t love classics. You have to hang around Timberland, North Face and Nike – and even have to pull out some Sean Jean to let puff know that I still got it.
On the Ciroc
It all started when I was living in Las Vegas, and I and puf started talking about how to make a taste, which would work with my mother hope’s charity work. He invited me to fly back to New York, and when we landed, I had a taste of my own. It’s also fun to shoot, we have Khaled dancing, Monica, Cassie and Ashanti look amazing, Puff leads the celebration. Salt was ready and he made me the best steak in my life.
Diddy cooperation
Thank god I was lucky enough to meet someone like Puff who moved culture. From my generation to every one of his people, he was inspired by him. Making him my best friend influenced my way of doing things.


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