American fashion brand Michael Kors stopped using animal fur


American fashion house Michael Kors announced it would no longer use fur. The brand has confirmed that the current use of fur design, such as coyotes and rabbits, will be eliminated by the end of 2018.

This new model will also apply to Jimmy Choo, a luxury footwear brand acquired by Michael Kors Holdings this year.

“Thanks to advances in manufacturing, we now have the luxury of creating luxe aesthetics using non-animal skins.” The designer of the same name said other materials look and feel like leather and animal skins, but are made of synthetic fibers. “We’re going to showcase these new technologies at the upcoming fashion show in February.”

Six months after the news came out, Kors was spotted by anti-fur protesters at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. Several protesters embarked on the stage, surrounded by designers, the animal’s voice was tortured and called for his use of fur.

His brand of fur has a long history and has led to frequent demonstrations by protest groups, placards outside fashion shows and sprints to New York’s shops.
Peta (Animal Ethics Therapist) issued a statement welcoming the news. Dan Mathews, senior vice president of the organization, said: “This is a holiday gift for fur animals.” We are pleased that the company is gradually getting out of fur and looking forward to working with it on other issues in the future. ”

The fashion company follows Gucci’s footsteps very much and Gucci announced in October as part of the Fur Free Alliance, an international group of more than 40 organizations that promote animal welfare and promote fur alternatives in the fashion industry.

Stella McCartney, owned by the KC group, has been one of the most eye-catching advocates of fur-free fashion and has promised not to use animals in animal products from the very beginning Products, investing in the technical fabric innovations Michael Kors is using now.


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