Fighting for a fight: a red carpet fashion political protest


After any award ceremony for lice, you will find out what sort of political subtext wore on the red carpet. According to the sources, this will be one of the largest red carpet protests so far, according to the nominees and moderators wearing black clothing presented at the Golden Globes next month.

It is not surprising that these globes will be the shining point of protest. Since Harvey Weinstein’s allegations, the cultural awakening of sexual harassment (and gender inequality) has come to such a pace that nothing is an actress, and that’s the anti-Havrian narrative now.

It is not surprising that the red carpet will be used as a platform for protest. Among the many objections by tailors are the most memorable ones, including Jane Fonda, who was wearing black YSL suits and fur collars in 1972, and a best-actress Oscar for Klute, She insisted that she was not “wearing clothes for men.”

After the September 11, 2001 attacks, two postponed Emmys participants were also wearing black pants. Perhaps less so is Julia Roberts’s protest at the 2016 Cannes Film Festival against the so-called ban on heels, but God loves an experimenter.

The recent developments have worsened with the rise of Donald Trump and his Republican government. Last January on the globe, transparent creator Jill Soloway and actor Lola Kirke wore a coat of arms saying “Fuck Paul Ryan.” At the Academy Awards, many people wore blue ribbons as a symbol of the American Civil Liberties Union. Safety pin dominated SAG awards dress. In the meantime, politicians whose longtime opposition to the Patriarchal movement appears frequently at the Globes and Screen Actors Guild awards and last month’s Hollywood Film Awards, the first major prize since the Weinstein scandal, include Dakota Johnson, Kate Mara, Annette Bening and Noomi Rapace wore suits, and if the men’s clothing is often readjusted, the low profile The adjustment will seem very important.
The suggestive use of black is surprising, as it is a color that is broadly related to the more radical anarchist movement, Antifa, and black living material recently. In 2016, a sports organization in London’s Baftas protests the entertainment industry lacking in diversity and wearing black and white. Of course, color has become one of the most prominent aspects of protests. From the inauguration of Trump, various female marches throughout the world have come from neon green lights, marking the monthly silent fires of the Grenfell Tower fire, pink cat hat sea.

On one of many key issues surrounding the use of fashion as a protest, a rich but chaotic market sometimes occasionally sees brand hijacking for economic gain, while women using clothes for sending messages can feel outdated or even annoyed Female disease. They say this is the point. Black is the color most worn by men on the red carpet. Ask More More Part of the Exercise Problem – Encouraging visitors to not just ask the actors what they’re wearing – it’s the actor’s contract to wear certain designers. This time, when an actor is asked what she’s wearing, she can provocatively say who – why.


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