I wear a winter flower skirt this week


Only sparkling floral skirts in summer is a bit like watching an hour on a weekly TV show at the same time a week: life is just not in the middle of 2017. You do not have to be obedient from any of the fashion conventions than you have watched by television about 9pm Appointment.

I can even say that not only can you wear floral suits outside of summer, but summer outside is actually the best time to wear them. Summer flower dress too neat. This is appropriate, it feels a bit literal, I’m not a literally a locker room fan. For example, the one you wore, such as the strawberry print at Wimbledon, would tickle me. To me, a garment that is so clearly connected does not treat the wearer as a flash interlocutor. What does it mean? Sorry.

By the way, Christmas is an exception to my anti-text fashion diktat. In December last year, I made a basic amnesty. I am all happy to look like. Festive red from head to foot? Count my new, mistletoe hair accessories? Do not rule out.

When you wear a floral dress in the summer, you shine around the world; when you wear one in the winter, you challenge a little. You are creating your own aesthetic. There are no basic styling options to help you when you wear gorgeous clothing routes in cold weather. Unless you intend to freeze, or you can not default slippers and neutral jacket. You need a long-sleeved dress or a turtleneck under your skirt, any of which can be worn in a more interesting place. And you may need tights, or I can suggest boots, even the most beautiful clothes, can immediately stop to look ethereal.

As the winter floral pattern arrives on every high street near you, the floral dress up in the colder months becomes easier. A winter floral – even if you do not know the name, you’ve seen it – is a pale flower on a dark background. No, observers in the middle of yours may have noticed that the floral bouquet I was wearing in the picture fostered the floral winter wear. Because of the discussion, why is it obvious?


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