London will host a self-curating AzzedineAla?a exhibition next spring


A retrospective of Azzeder Alia will open in the design museum London spring next year.
AzzedineAla?a: Couturier will run for five months starting May 10, including over 60 items of fashion from 35 years of Tunisian fashion designers’ work experience.

Ala?a, who died of heart failure last month, is exhibiting with the museum’s guest curator Mark Wilson, picking rare pieces from the archive and providing documentation of his writing process.

The Parisian designer, best known for his traditional ability to cut, fit, cut and trim, is thought to have died out as the fashion house becomes increasingly personified.

During the peak of the 1990s, Ala?a became a household name by her progressive female silhouette, creating a body outfit for his loyal clientele, including Rihanna and Naomi Campbell.

As a rare retrofit event, designers are deeply involved in all aspects of collaboration.

A museum spokesman said: “After his unfortunate death on November 18, 2017, the Design Museum will now showcase this unique exhibition, curated by Ala?a, to explore his passion for fashion.
AzzedineAla?a, a high fashion designer, has been recognized for a lifetime as a high fashion designer.

His death caused the grief of the industry. At the Fashion Awards last week, the muse and friends Campbell, Stephanie Seymour and Veronica Webb saluted designers.

“Everyone in this room knows that Azzedine can turn a woman’s body into a special thing that makes you look great and still like a woman,” says Campbell, who calls the designer “Daddy.”

The friendship between the two is famous, and the models often live with Ala?a in Paris. He sometimes gives up on sketches and drawings, using Campbell as his “fit model.”


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