Russia leads the rise of fashion archives, 1925


Walk in the snow
It is not hard to see how the Russian boots have evolved, as they are clearly suited to the protection of those who are used to walking in deep snow. Undoubtedly, the width of the leg is designed so that the boots can slide over the protective layer more easily than the socks that are worn in our own country, and the resulting ups and downs do not become unwieldy when wearing corresponding bulky fur garments So ugly

But when the boots were transferred from their original setting to modern British women’s wear, all the slender silhouette believers carefully selected the clothes that would do the job, and walked the most fashionable streets The woman, more than an inch deep in the snow, the only danger is the dirt splashed by the passing cars or buses, the boots no longer look uncoordinated and ugly. Because they usually wear very thin outerwear, exaggerated the size of the boots, boots break the coat of thin lines, so there is no effect, and did not achieve other effects. British women who wear Russian boots often make the excuse that boots are warm and comfortable on cold days, and that one stock can be dispensed with and often washed.

Even though it is not absurd to see russian boots now being British women wearing fur or large, heavy skirts, they do not seem to be at home. Some of these gorgeous boots, not suitable for the average British woman, nor for our sober British streets.
Proposed conversion
For those British women who are absolutely trendy, it is worth pointing out some obvious flaws. It is absolutely essential that boots should be worn long enough to reach the top of the boots, not shorter and shorter. Boots best leather coat, but should not wear a thin skirt. The width of the skirt must be sufficient to balance the roughness of the leg of the boot.

When choosing boots, it is advisable to avoid using colored (except brown, perhaps the best looking) or high-heeled breeds because it is impossible to make them look less like any of their dramas. That leaves the choice of black or brown leather or suede, lizard skin and a new, trendy snakeskin. The last two mentioned are expensive, even though, often not as tidy as brown leather. Suede boots are comfortable, not uncomfortable, but harder to keep clean than leather. Little girls should never wear Russian boots because they exaggerate their short stature just like bulky fur coats.


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