The stars are the new stripes: why fashion is turning to the tip


In the sky, they bring good luck. In Tarot reading, they mean hope, spirituality, renewal, inspiration, and tranquility. At Tinder, Blue is a “super favorite” (you brush it up instead of the right one, indicating that this potential race is your favorite day). On Snapchat, a big gold medal means popularity (someone has replayed your message in the past 24 hours), while a cluster represents friendship (you are in a group chat). A marble and brass on Hollywood Boulevard signify a celebrity; on Uber, the same notation relates to your late night behavior at home, especially if you can hold your drink or you may get sick. One red is communist, but on the American flag one of the 50 states represents a white one. (More of them are)
Stars mean a lot of things, never more things to look at. To explain Oscar Wilde’s situation, more and more people are watching the stars in the year we are in the gutter. Star and Moon Print Dresses and Separation Rixo, a London-based brand founded by Henrietta Rex and Orlagh McCloskey, was the party’s net-a-Porter favorite for the party season – grabbing Georgian MIDI skirts, Split and still worth £ 205 celebrity prints, as well as the Harley Viera-Newton brand HVN’s star print dress. Earlier this year, Dior’s fairy tale star theme “l’étoile Square” cardigan, co-star print tulle skirt, spring catwalk season is the most eye-catching picture next to Balenciaga a more angular full-width black and white Star print.

In September, Starburst exploded on the road, the Marks & Spencer constellation dresses sold out almost immediately, and once every 90 seconds when it was re-stocked at the end of October. At present, the search platform Lyst reported that the search keyword “celebrity” rose 17% from the same period last year; search for “celebrity jewelery” increased 39% over the past six months. Topshop currently owns not less than 50 celebrity products, from one-shouldered, shinning dresses to star-studded denim skirts. As you can probably guess, the latest movie Star Wars Episode: Jedi Warrior by Daisy Ridley on Weekend in the album Star Wars.

In the fashion week, the significance of the star depends on which side of the Atlantic you are standing on. In Europe, they are wrapped in the currents of astronomy and tarot images, which seem to be a mixture of the moody winter flowers of the past few years and the obsession of our emoticons with meaningful symbols. Christian Dior’s superstitious side had his Tarot before every fashion show, once writing “Opportunities always come to help those things that you really want,” said Maria Grazia Chiuri, the house’s first female fashion designer. Tarot cards were installed using Motherpeace’s feminist Tarot in her Cruise 2018 series and at a party hosted at the January High Fashion Show. The party started a trend: two months earlier, at the first show by Clare Waight Keller for Givenchy, there was an hour-long tarot reading room model and Edit team.

Fashion’s new love for Tarot reflects a broader renaissance. Tarot 2016 sales up 30% YoY: Geopolitics are more unpredictable in almost a year than ever before and we are falling back on a system that farmers once had a long history. In 2017, Tarot readers are new experts.
Star-themed work has been around 5% of jeweler Astley Clarke’s sales, but that figure is on the rise, a sign that has become more and more scientific with the arrival of creative director Dominic Jones. He explained: “When I spend time understanding the brand, there is a recurring theme of astrology and space, and my reaction is to create a more scientific perspective that collects astronomy and our solar system.” Saturn and its Ring agate pendant, Pluto and its satellite black pearl ear clip has been added to the popular diamond paving stars stud earrings.
In New York’s fashion galaxy, celebrities have more political responsibility. The Calvin Klein flagship store’s home improvement unit was on Madison Avenue this year with a renovation by designer Sterling Ruby, a designer of Raf Simons, The motifs were laid all in white, with the pencil marks of the American flag printed on them, and all the white versions of the national flag were disturbing comments by Jasper Johns in the United States in the 1950s. Stars can sometimes be a delightful, all-American thumb-of-thumb – in the spring of 2015, innocent days, take a look at the colorful star embroidered ankle boots on the Tommy Hilfiger – but as iconic as Calvin Klein The American brand opened the same fashion show as David Bowie’s “It’s not America” ??fashion show, a star that began to cause bloodshed when the country broke with unprecedented speed a year ago dispute.

The star has always been headline news, including the one that is not there. This summer, Gal Gadot plays the modern Hollywood idol Wonder Woman, wearing a contemporary, less cheerleader costume than the original comics that abandoned the stars and red, white and blue. The goddess does not seem to need stars anymore. But the rest of us are sure to do the same.


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