After talking about the role of the guards, the rail strike will continue


Negotiations between the RMT union and two of the biggest train operators have collapsed, and passengers are facing widespread interference with security roles next week.
Negotiations with Arriva, operated by the northern and south-western rail lines, failed to reach a deal, meaning the guards would go on strike next Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
The strike will also take place on the same day in grand Anglia and Merseyrail, in the south on Monday, to protest movement or possible plans to cut off train guards.
Some operators say they do not intend to reduce the number of employees overall but refuse to guarantee the roles and responsibilities that the union seeks.
The north said it would run 1,350 services during the strike, more than half the normal schedule, from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., to cover the morning and evening peaks. Waterloo, southwest of the country’s busiest railway station, which operates all trains, says it wants to run more than 70 per cent of its normal working day.
Andy Mellors, managing director of southwest airlines, said: “we are sorry that our passengers will suffer again because of this unnecessary strike action requested by the RMT administrators.
“We have repeatedly promised that no one will lose their jobs, and that we will register a second person on every train.

“But, we have been trying to talk with RMT is, if a guard in a short period of time can’t get, probably due to illness or interruption, and how to keep the passenger movement, rather than let them run aground. ”
RMT general manager Mick Cash said the union had said it would stop the strike next week if it was able to negotiate on each train to secure a defender with a secure key capability.
But, he said in the call of union members: “I’m worried about the company to trade unions, the company hopes to change the operation mode, so that with the emergence of new trains, the train doesn’t need a second security key guards. All in all, it is safe to work without a defender. ”
Cash says the union is ready to discuss the north’s operating model, similar to the one already established in Scotland, ending the deadlock and strike over the ScotRail. The union accused Arriva of “refusing to enter into serious and genuine negotiations”.
He added: “this controversy is before the private interests of public security, which is the signal we will send on Monday.”
Northern deputy managing director Richard Allen (Richard Allan) said that if the company can reach a deal with unions, the company has been put forward to guarantee work, and pay the other franchise command, until 2025.


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