“Fashion as a social seismograph”


“Fashion as a social seismograph”

As a literary critic, what do you care most about fashion, literature and fashion?

You can read a well-designed dress like a poem; Both can stimulate our understanding of curiosity.

You can address the phenomenon of fashion unrest through gender studies and terms such as dressing, comical and acting. What does this tell us?

If you look closely, you will find that fashion is neither stable nor casual. Fashion is a system. It systematically crosses its own code. This clever game code is called fashion. Generally speaking, it was not until the French revolutionary fashion had rigidly divided social status that gender was strictly classified. Clothing has never been more vivid in showing men and women than in the bourgeoisie.

The modern dominant fashion trend is to transform male fashion into female fashion. Its power is to dress. In the 1970s, Yves Saint Laurent’s “Le Smoking” tuxedo was developed.

B: yes. Women wear men’s clothes, but men seldom wear women’s clothes. The kilt is not a woman’s dress, but a military uniform. On the other hand, in the Napoleonic era, it was the best choice not to wear women’s trousers. However, a man dressed in a skirt or flowing skirt is the only thing I can see in my clothes. Women’s fashions have become more fashionable and modern, and they are becoming more masculine. But this does not apply and vice versa. Playboy and playboy followers don’t actually dress like women, but like women, they take clothes seriously.

So fashion is not just a superficial phenomenon.

Knowing how to read fashion, Benjamin has said that you can read the previous paragraph. Good interpreters may see fashion as a social seismograph.

However, this should be more subtle than the simple phrase: when stocks and stocks fall, skirts get shorter and lips turn red.

It seems that the more democratic the society, the less the dress ceremony. And in a sense, the king’s sole duty is to change his clothes forever, so that everyone can see that today, no one spends any more time dressing up. In court, the morning ritual is a key public moment. It is customary to change clothes at least three times a day in a delicate and delicate manner. On the contrary, people today want to show that they don’t waste time worrying about clothes. Unfortunately, this is not just a low-key display, but almost aggressive clothing makes it impossible for people to care about what they’re wearing. It’s a pretty depressing experience for people who live in the streets today.

Tolstoi Proust or for those who don’t remember those high identity is always to change at least once a day clothes for people is a very good way of reading – just go out, but also for dinner. Only a few people now know the difference between cocktail dresses and evening gowns. From morning till night, you can wear the same clothes; There are also ads for clothes that you can wear from the office to evening wear, just add some accessories.

Georg Simmel describes fashion as a social phenomenon, revealing the power of appearance and superficiality. He claims that women tend to follow fashion more often than men and attribute it to their social disadvantage. This is because weaknesses are away from personality and differences. Does this apply to today?

Fashion statements, or the importance of fashion, seem almost to be the phenomenon of marginalized groups – in line with simeer’s claims. In Chicago, for example, only black people dress and wear elaborate costumes and jewelry. Everyone else seems to think that they don’t need to waste time, don’t waste time, and don’t waste time. How to be disrespectful, weird and narcissistic. Very dull. Just look at Mrs Figarow, where the top women in business, politics, science and culture have openly given up their trouser suits to be photographed in their outfits. First of all, there are not so many German women occupying such a leadership position, we cannot simply take this behavior for granted. Second, it is most likely that women who display such fashion in public are incapable of it. You are either competent, efficient or fashionable. What do you like best? Black cashmere is working, otherwise Alaia.


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