Plan your Eurotrip top expert travel tips.


Plan your Eurotrip top expert travel tips.

Eurotrip is the right of way for all. Under the background of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, on the side of the road sat a croissant and strong coffee, cruise Barcelona beach, sipping wine in rolling Tuscan mountain, playing monopoly street in London. This is more in Europe waiting for you.

But where do you start planning your Eurotrip? How long will it take you? How can you save precious travel cash, what sights must you see?

We recently chatted with several pro-travel bloggers who provided some serious insider tips on how to plan the final Eurotrip. Read on to let yourself relax and know where to start planning your life’s adventures.

“If you don’t commit to a city, it’s best to be flexible enough to reach Europe. Many flight search engines allow you to search the area, so you may find a fairly cheap flight to another destination.

“With a flexible date, it’s really easy to get a cheap flight, but it’s not always an option for a limited vacation time. If you are open to any European country, it can save you a lot of money so you can enjoy a new destination later on. If the above method cannot be solved, please set up the ticket discount reminder in Airfarewatchdog. This site will send you an email when you find a particular route. This is where the planning comes in! ”

“Sometimes, in large airlines to Europe other budget airlines such as Ryanair Dublin (Ryanair) or the EasyJet company (EasyJet) in London, and then transfer to one of the cheap airlines to continue the journey. London’s heathrow airport, in particular, tends to offer discounts on flights from major cities. Once you get there, sometimes you can fly to Europe’s last destination on a budget airline instead of flying directly to the main airline you took from your home. Remember, you may need to be in the airport in London, I have done before, and through the local train system is very suitable for), so please make sure you have enough time between flights to do so – or even better, give yourself a and continue to travel before the next day to see some scenic spots in London.

However, if you are from overseas to Europe, but time is really short, so sometimes to pay some money, and then directly to Prague or dubrovnik or your holiday destination. There is more time to explore there. ”

How to plan your final Eurotrip itinerary?

“In general, I believe you need to rest at least three nights of city, but if you have five or more late, I would recommend adding an extra destination to your trip, seven night, you probably could afford destination for a total of three.

I usually plan my starting point, whether it’s my arrival in the city or a specific location or landmark in a country. Then, I pulled up the city/town/area on the map to see what was nearby. I check the cost and distance of the connection between destinations, and then refer to Lonely Planet for information about specific destinations or Pinterest articles and photos. How much I see or do in a particular city or city, the cost of accommodation determines how many nights I plan to travel.

“Focus on visiting countries, such as nearby, which can save time and money. Avoid flights between cities. I always advise people to do it. Flying from one place to another always takes a lot of time because it involves travel to the airport and is often stressful. As a result, focus on traveling to a nearby place, as far as possible by train/bus/car. This saves time and pressure.

Another advice is to avoid booking flights in the morning or evening because they are cheap. They will eventually become more expensive, as you may need to pay a taxi to get to the city/airport, because public transport may not be available, depending on your schedule.

Always give yourself more time than you think. People tend to underestimate the complete A task or travel from point A to point B, the time needed for all if you plan to work until A minute, slightly delay would lead to severely interfere with your plans. Flight delays have become more common in recent years as air travel has become more popular. Due to my flight delay or (worse still) unable to complete the flight due to overbooking, I had to miss the planned activities! In order to minimize the chain effect of delays, I recommend giving yourself a buffer when planning your trip. ”

“I read the guidebook, the blog, and communicated with the friends who had sought advice there, and put forward more than 100 things I wanted to do or see! And then, I take my actual head – how long, how much time?

When planning your trip, the best advice I can offer is that planning time is unplanned! You can plan your trip in every second, to achieve the Zeus himself will be the perfect degree of five, and then you will meet a existing experience you never know, you know will completely change your life, but you can’t do it because it is not in conformity with the “plan”.

I love Budapest, so I always suggest visiting. It was one of the big cities in Europe, and it was great in the austro-hungarian empire. The city is divided in the middle of the Danube, but unlike other cities on the other side of the river that normally develop, the two sides of the river are historic. The name of the city comes from two cities on both sides of the river (buda and Perth). Buda has a striking castle on the hill overlooking the river, and the worms are flat, grid-like, similar to the eastern Paris.


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