Recipe review: “eat better” and “sweet potato peanut butter”


Recipe review: “eat better” and “sweet potato peanut butter”

Today I will share with you a cookbook written by a Swiss writer. This is very popular because the book was published in October 2015. Its title, “eat well,” is a lot about content. Still, I’m happy to answer the six common questions you have about recipe reviews on the real life tour.

When I look at recipes, I’m mainly interested in special recipes. Fortunately, I found a lot in “not eating better”. There are two recipes in the final selection for me to share with you the recipe made a date hummus and sweet potato peanut butter. I decided to pick up sweet potato peanut butter because I had all the ingredients in my house. Another reason for this choice is that sweet potatoes are one of my favorites, and peanut butter is one of Prospi’s favorite foods. What should I say… ? The cream was as good as expected. Combining sweet potatoes and peanuts in a naturally sweetened dessert is just a genius idea! You will find the final recipe in this article.

Who is Nadia Damaso?

Nadia Damaso, a 20-year-old Swiss girl, is currently in the middle of a film performance, education. In addition, she runs a food blog, and she often shares healthy and delicious recipes. She says she has been cooking and photographing since she was a child, and that’s part of her life. She later became interested in health and nutrition. She knew from her Instagram account that she Shared photos of her creative meals here. As the number of followers grew, she decided to sell an e-book and start a blog. Finally, she fulfilled her dream of a printed cookbook. Because the German version is sold so well, she will soon translate it in English. Her goal is to show that healthy food doesn’t need to be boring. We don’t need to eat less, but better.

How about the recipe?

As I said, Nadia Damaso wants to show how to be versatile, creative and delicious. She was absolutely successful. Her recipe contains no refined sugar, white flour or additive processed foods. Instead, you’ll find fruits and vegetables, spices, nuts and nut butter, and so-called super foods that are healthy. Some recipes contain meat or fish. However, most of them are vegetarian and vegetarian because you can choose whether to use milk or plant milk. Sweeteners are also optional. Nadia Damaso recommends working with honey, agave syrup, rice syrup or coconut sugar/nectar. There are also many recipes that contain dates. The recipe “eats more,” and is divided into three parts: breakfast, main course and dessert. There are a number of sub-sections, such as “sandwich, hamburger, toast,” or “oatmeal/porridge and a bowl”. You can note that Nadia Damaso likes breakfast because the main course starts at page 115.

What else can you find?

At the beginning of the book, nadia damaso introduces readers to the idea of eating better. She offers some practical tips for daily life. In addition, she USES the food in the kitchen to show a clear table. She also gave away her favorite superfood and kitchen utensils.

What’s so good?

Nadia Damaso knows for a reason on Instagram. Her picture always has a dark background, a bit messy, and looks very appetizing. Each recipe is illustrated with a colorful photo, and contains a small introduction to inspire more attempts. What I really like is the opposite flavor of mixing in the dish. For example, there are peaches in the spring salad, chickpeas with the date of the hummus, the apple of sweet potatoes in the pie, or the coconut in the sweet ice cream. In most cases, the author also offers some tips on how to decorate your food as beautifully as possible.

What’s better?

Many things are labeled as healthy, and there is no further explanation for what I missed. The author explains what it means by “eating better”. But that’s not a bad thing, because every reader can (and should) find their own definition, and Nadia Damaso’s recipe is a huge inspiration anyway.

Who is interesting in this book?

I recommend the cookbook “Eat Better Not Less” to people who like to be creative when cooking, and to cook time exclusively. No big cooking skills are necessary. Nadia Damaso believes that everyone can use this information to cook and inspire people. Most recipes are suitable for daily life. If you’re a breakfast fan and want to bring more changes in your morning, this book is especially good. If you want to bring more fruits and vegetables, whole grains and sugar-free sweets into your diet without sacrificing taste or fun, the book is perfect.

The recipe

As mentioned above, I’d like to share with you an absolutely delicious recipe for sweet potato peanut butter, from “not eating better”. In this book, the recipe is called peanut paste. But in my opinion, sweet potatoes play an important role and should have a place in the name of the recipe. đŸ™‚

Sweet potato peanut butter.

Plant-based (vegetarian), no soy, no lactose, no sugar, no gluten.

3 copies of

Preparation time: 15 minutes (cooling time + 1 hour)

Difficulty: easy


4 medjool dates or 8 normal dates (arrivals)

1/2 sweet potatoes (or sweet potatoes)

2 tablespoons peanut butter

Honey 1-3 teaspoons (or other sweetener)

250ml almond milk.

1 teaspoon vanilla

30g / 1.1oz cashew nuts.


Because my sweet potato is so small, I use the whole thing, although the recipe only says half. Sweet potatoes need to be peeled.

Then, cut the sweet potatoes into small pieces. Put it in a small pot and use about 50 to 100 milliliters of water, dates and a little salt. Nadia Damaso recommends throwing the water away when it is cooked. However, I found this to be a gamble because water has a lot of flavor and sweetness. That’s why I didn’t do it. Let it cool, add all the other ingredients, and mix well. It is important to keep it cool so that honey does not lose its precious nutrients. You can use cashews as much as possible. They will help you achieve the desired consistency.

On the left, you see my version, dotted with a bit of dating, peanut butter and cashew butter. The top of Nadia Damaso includes raspberries and chopped nuts. On the same page, there are recipes for avocados, bananas and dates of chocolate cream.

Here you can buy the book:

Are you excited about the creation of this sweet potato peanut?

Have you got a book from Nadia Damaso? (or are you waiting for an English version?)


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