There are a variety of resorts that cater to your fitness goals.


There are a variety of resorts that cater to your fitness goals.

While the “fat camp” is nothing new, programs like “the biggest loser” and “celebrity health club” have brought home weight-loss plans to the spotlight. From no-nonsense health clinics to luxury resorts and spa experiences, the science and experience of weight loss has come a long way in the past few decades. Whether you want to lose weight, learn about nutrition or change your lifestyle, you can offer location-based plans.

First of all, the biggest loser resort or NBC’s hit TV show, the biggest loser? The show’s name was the most popular “fitness mountain resort” since 2009, when the link became official after several contestants and shows appeared. The resort focuses on fitness, nutrition and education. Participants will also take part in the planned trip to Utah, where they will visit and work, as well as new facilities opened in malibu, California in 2010.

Visitors can expect boot camp experience (similar to the participants to the project experience), including fitness training and nutrition consultation, and individual counseling and life coach, to help the resort lessons learned back to daily life and health habits.

For those with cash to burn, the cal-a-vie in San Diego offers a luxurious cocoon, thin and firm. A 200-acre golf course in Dijon, France, and a 400-year-old chapel offer guests meditation, with only 24 guests staying at the resort’s spanish-style villa.

The show includes morning hiking, rotation and aerobics classes, as well as new fitness fanatics like nia, which combine yoga and dance. The luxury amenities include a 5-1 guest ratio, which is delivered to the room’s gym and cooking class.

Canyon Ranch, which has been providing high-end fitness and nutrition resorts since 1979, promotes better health through good life and then becomes fashion. Deserts and mountains are great for hiking, relaxation and concentration.

Tucson’s original resort offers more than 40 courses, 8,000 square feet of spa, four swimming pools and more than 60 health advisers. In addition to doctor visits and blood tests, guests can consult with behavioral therapists, nutritionists and exercise physiologists. Exercise includes outdoor walks with guides, boxercise and pilates.

The cooper health program provides “long-term strategic planning” for healthy living. Customers who choose this pointless approach tend to be goal-oriented and interested in scientific weight loss methods. Founder Kenneth cooper is considered the father of aerobic exercise.

The center has spas and health programs as well as a special obesity program. The suspension begins with a comprehensive physical examination and a comprehensive assessment of nutrition and lifestyle. Guests attend fitness classes and lectures and visit local restaurants to learn how to order healthier food.

Duke university is the grandmother of the weight loss program, which has produced scientific support for 31 years. This is a place to look for a better and healthier person. Teams of doctors, psychologists, nutritionists and fitness experts work with clients to develop a lifestyle change plan. The results were self-evident: two years later, 55 percent of the participants maintained their weight loss, and 47 percent continued to lose weight three years later.

But the Spartan scheme is not for everyone, nor is it cheap. While providing services such as massage therapy, but the center did not promote himself as a spa, and made it clear in the literature, the customer needs to invest large amounts of energy, personal commitment and time (1 to 4 weeks, choose long-term stay for three months).

The Hilton head health institute, a seaside location that established the serious weight loss center in 1974, is a four-week “fat farm” that feels like a spa. Focusing on changing habits and lifestyles, guests need to learn not only to lose weight, but also to make informed nutritional and health decisions.

The one-week course combines activities with hands-on learning and seminars to retrain guest nutrition and exercise. Lifestyle coaches assess each guest’s health and weight loss goals and help them choose from more than 30 fitness classes, including pilates, beach walks and taekwondo. Spa also offers a full range of massage and body care services.


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