Why did Sweden beat other countries in everything?


Why did Sweden beat other countries in everything?

If you’re Swedish, you should be very proud of yourself right now. There are several reasons.

It’s easy to do business there.

It’s really easy to do business in Sweden. Top of Forbes’ annual list of the best business countries. Compared with economic power, the United States is 23rd.

Ten years ago Sweden was 17th, but since then it has started a series of moves. “Over the past two decades, Sweden has experienced a shift in deregulation and budget self-restraint, cutting back on Sweden’s welfare state,” Forbes said. This is also the source of a lot of technological innovation, and it is also one of the most famous and well-known brands in the world, such as Volvo, electrolux, Ericsson, ikea and H&M.

Forbes classifies 11 factors in 139 countries, including innovation, taxation, technology, bureaucracy and stock market performance.

This is global competitiveness.

The world economy, BBS, publishes a global competitiveness index each year, and this year it ranked Sweden sixth. “The economy grew strongly in 2016, reaching 3.7 percent. In 2015, the country’s deficit decreased significantly, and the index jumped 30 to 22 days.

“The Labour market is working well, Sweden has a very high employment rate, and the proportion of women in the workforce is very high.”

It has good gender equality.

Sweden came fourth in the world economy’s BBS 2016 global gender gap index, more than 81 percent of the gender gap. Recently, female parliamentarians, senior officials and managers have increased, and the number of women in ministerial posts has reached a balance.

Low level of corruption

Sweden has a low level of corruption, ranking fourth in transparency international’s latest corruption perceptions index, which measures the level of public sector corruption in 186 countries.

It’s very innovative.

In the European commission’s European innovation scoreboard 2016, the top spot in Sweden. Research shows that Sweden is a “innovation leader” compared with Denmark, Finland, Germany, the Netherlands and Sweden, with far more innovation than the eu average.

Innovation performance is measured by the average performance of 25 indicators. Sweden is a leader in human resources – with highly skilled and highly educated workforce and high quality academic research.

It has a strong passport.

The power of a passport is defined as the number of countries where the holder has unlimited access. Germany and Sweden are among the best, with only one country. This makes the Swedish passport the second most powerful passport in the world.

A ranking compiled by Henley&Partners, a civic and planning firm, considers how many countries can be visited without a visa. German passport holders can travel to 177, possibly 218, while the swedes can visit 176.

This is a good place to grow old.

Sweden came third in the 2015 global time watch index, which measures the quality of life for the elderly. Sweden’s advantage is the older generation’s ability – their average employment rate (73.6%) and education (68.7%) are above average.

The elderly were highly satisfied with safety (73%), civil liberties (94%) and public transport (65%). Sweden is among the top earners in the field of income protection (7), with a 100 percent pension income and a 5.3 percent poverty rate, 3 percent lower than the regional average.

Language ability

The swedes speak English well, only to be defeated by the Netherlands and Denmark. The ranking, written by the language Education company Education First, is the result of testing by millions of people around the world using their language skills.

English has been a compulsory subject in primary and secondary schools in Sweden for the past four decades. The daily life of the region is characterized by the constant exposure to English through non-english media, especially on television.

It has the best reputation.

It is not surprising, then, that Sweden ranks in the ranking of RepTrak in this year’s ranking (78.3). This is a good place for family – 16 months of parental leave and free day care services – it invest in green living, favorable economic growth, is a safe country women, and transparency in the media is the final – at least it is a beautiful country.


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