Edward Enninful’s new fashion – a bit cooler, less chic


Here is a summary of 312 pages of Edward ningful, in his first editor’s letter, the so-called “new fashion”. Tightly and distribute model pacing Arnold circus gritty sidewalks in the past, in east London’s most picturesque rags property, restoring ancient ways in the capa trackpants and north face backpack with Ralph Lauren cashmere coat £2600 price tag. The new fashion is a less luxurious, cooler one. But it’s still a lot of fashion.
I’m afraid I’m being edited by the stylist, so there’s nothing to read. I have never this feeling, because queen “Vogue” purely as of December Zadie Smith finally a value of 3.99 pounds, in this article about her when she and Kate moss met your majesty happened at Buckingham Palace. Fearlessly. Smith took on a “significantly lower middle class” images of the monarch, the wife “Windsor” we know things, not the queen as “orientals, corn flakes, most of the cake, gin and Dubonnet no luxuriant wine and food)” set up a warm but do not break the traditional tone. Steve McQueen (Steve McQueen) this problem later also respond to the love letter (” zebra crossing, bald, tweed, winnie the pooh, the NHS, Joe orton, Kenneth Williams, the corner store “).

About 50% of the new Vogue is real. There are the remaining signs and Juergen Teller’s dilapidated joint jacks, and Daphne Guinness talks about the miners’ strike. The annabel nightclub is there, but a better representative in south London than Mayfair: Naomi Campbell and sadik khan recall growing up in Tooting and Streatham. Glenda Jackson took the no. 12 bus from the elephant castle (the elephant and castle) at Blackheath’s John Galliano. Have a Matthew Freud’s trip to primrose hill building eyes in the stem, but Victoria Beckham is in the suburbs of her childhood home, her bedroom is “a Laura ASHLEY from the torment of the school bully refuge who tortured her, lined with a photograph of an empty bottle of chanel, charm”. Jonathan Anderson visited his teenage classroom in Magherafelt in Northern Ireland. Christopher Bailey, Burberry (Burberry) (Christopher Bailey) way trailer Leeds, Liverpool canal has a lobster thermidor recipes, but also for Molly Goddard’s favorite ferrero Rocher festival food baking bread. There is a Topshop dress, 125 pounds, next to the “on” 3730Celine bag. (there are also many Celine, some of which are sacred). There is a real, thrilling view: Salman Rushdie wrote in an interfaith families, Christmas Skepta tells the story of the particularity of the black experience (” americans don’t think the black struggle, they think it is very good, the queen gave us money “).
However, there are many old Vogue worlds. Corgis and hounds; Chanel was imitated by lady Joan Campbell and her sister edie. Tennant; Garden drugs; And Delevingnes (thank you notes and poppies on Sunday roast, Cara on the fabric, and a squatting party on Park Lane). Oh, if you can see the goddess of the con-ast international boss Jonathan’s wife, Ronnie Cooke Newhouse, that’s the bonus point: the cover girl Adwoa Aboah. Fashion is dead. Long live Vogue.


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