Fashion brands have abandoned Terry Richardson’s allegations of drug abuse


A string of fashion magazines and brands have said they will no longer work with photographer .Terry Richardson, who has been the subject of inappropriate sexual charges for nearly two decades.
The news that the valentino fashion brands and bulgari will cease to appoint Richardson, he often is famous for its clear material, not long ago by the magazine “Vogue” light, “vanity fair” and the publisher of GQ CondeNast decided to give up him.
Richardson is one of the most successful photographers in the world. His trademark style is highly sexy and he is often nude alongside his subject. Despite years of allegations about his behavior, he has been taken from Mr Obama to oprah winfrey and Kate moss all people, and the director of Miley Cyrus Wrecking Ball and Beyonce XO music videos.
Satire on Richardson’s behaviour has been circulating since 2001. He allegedly forced the young female model into a position of exploitation and compromise and pretended to have sex with him.
The controversial images included one of his 20 year old interns in a dumpster, who had oral sex on Richardson and the word “slut” on his forehead. A Richardson spokeswoman said: “terry is sorry to hear this email, especially because he has told these old stories before.
“He is an artist known for his sexually explicit work, and his interactions with many of his subjects are sexual and explicit, but all the themes of his work are Shared.”
“CondeNast doesn’t want to work with photographer Terry Richardson,” said James Woolhouse, the executive vice President of CondeNast, in a leaked email. Any branches that have been commissioned or have been completed but not yet published should be killed and replaced with other materials. ”
Fashion commentator and educator Caryn Franklin since 2013 has been to Richardson, a speech, he said, the fashion industry will be decided he was blacklisted and surrounding recent movie producer Harvey Weinstein (Harvey Weinstein) charges are concerned, he was accused of sexual harassment and rape by a growing number of women of all ages.
“From a fashion point of view, such as Richardson have these powerful position, so far, has been regarded as not to contact, whether they need to be in the pursuit of” art “, or the people they need to use what happened on me, “is our industry, franklin said.
“There was an agreement, when a model gave up, she gave up her body, she left her personality at the door. Sadly, no one in the studio is interested in modeling, if anything makes them uncomfortable.
According to franklin, after years of elite fashion for young women in particular, the industry now worry that the same criticisms may lead to the destruction of the brand – the “fashion brand”.
She added: “this is about all these glittering, fashion brand of fashion magazines and now want to get rid of the smell of hate, as soon as possible, rather than being involved, rather than desire is rooted in the profound change and maintain the rights of women.
“The industry has always denied that the model reports are not experienced,” the stupid young thing “is easier.

“He has a lot of money, he was paid hundreds of millions of yuan, so the industry admitted that they had made a mistake will lead to a large number of professional humiliation, and opened up so many in the industry to criticism. It’s easier to ignore. ”
The previous collaboration was a “one-off move,” and “no plans to work with him again,” said bulgari, who commissioned Richardson to shoot the 2017 fall accessories campaign.
Valentino, a spokesman for “the guardian” said: “the last time with the photographer Terry Richardson (Terry Richardson) campaign in July 2017, there is no plan about future activities, of course, we take these allegations seriously.
“Potter,” a fashion magazine that commissioned Richardson to shoot model Bella hadid in May, told the guardian, “he has stopped working with him and published his photos.”
In the past, Richardson’s models include Jamie Peck, who was photographed naked at 19. He is said to have asked to take out her tampon, take off her clothes, and suggest that she have sex with him.
Liskula Cohen says she was asked to undress by Richardson and his team, pretending to have oral sex and walking out of Vogue. Although she refused, she claimed another model agreed and took pictures.
Richardson denied all the charges, saying that the brutal sexual imagery was only part of his style, and that the stories were “hateful and defamatory.”
In a previous statement, he said: “I am fully aware of the nature of the work of consenting adult women and, as is typical of any project, everyone has signed the release. “I’ve never paid for my work, and I haven’t used any reproachful threats to force someone to do what they don’t want to do.”
The 2014 allegations led to a petition to avoid the hiring of Richardson, leading to the announcement that the clothing brand H&M would not use him in the future. But the main magazines, including the Rolling Stones, Harper’s bazaar and GQ, continued to commission Richardson on their cover.
A statement from the UK’s Harper’s Bazaar UK said it had not worked with Richardson since 2012 and added: “there is no plan to work with him in the future.” However, the magazine’s us office have used photographers Kate Moss (Kate Moss), Madonna (Madonna) and Miranda Kerr (Miranda Kerr) such as the cover of the characters, didn’t respond to requests for comment.
The guardian also contacted Diesel, which recently hired Richardson to shoot an event, but the fashion brand did not respond. Rolling stone has been one of the most frequently used platforms for Richardson in the past few years.


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