Stella McCartney puts waste in a throwaway fashion Paris


For my own sake, G lamour is not something I’m particularly interested in, “Stella McCartney said after her fashion show. This may sound like a fashion designer, when the fashion designer standing on the marble floor, elaborate mural giant chandeliers, ceiling and Neil opera performance there.
But McCartney broke the gap between high fashion and ethical fashion by crossing two worlds. She’s mission is to use sustainable made of viscose and no residue of substitute for leather clothing should not become the target of a niche market, but in the Paris fashion week fashion show their own style.
The invitation to the exhibition is an iconic green bag made from low density polyethylene, recyclable and recyclable, with labels printed on it. Designer’s recent advertising campaign was shot in a landfill in Scotland, one mounted on the camel type Velcro suits Birgit Kos model, on the decomposing remains of a car, the Iana is wearing a green lace Godnia party dress, lie down on a piece of cardboard, the milk carton.
The purpose of garbage bags and sports is to encourage debate about waste in the fashion industry. In the industry, McCartney created a Parley Ultra Boost trainer and ocean legend Falabella handbag with a yarn made from Parley’s Marine plastic bottle. Through a partnership with The RealReal, a fashion resale website, McCartney also encouraged resale as part of a strategy to reduce 75 per cent of The world’s clothing waste, thereby achieving a “circular economy”.

This series is very useful in the daily necessities for Stella McCartney customers. (the designer himself in caramel color pants, put above a senior knitwear, because “work, I wear too much”) this season the double-breasted suit coat of each row in front of the spring is coming a cubit long sleeves, and label the signature jumpsuit is tight dress, or a more slender pot. French taffeta evening gown separates – a polo dress and a wrinkled shirt – pressed flat to drag them to date. “I always do this,” McCartney said. “I’m wearing a party dress — smoothing out the lining, or cutting into strips.
Next year, Stella McCartney’s flagship London store will move from Bruton Street to the Old Bond Street landmark. The move is the most visible symbol of the brand’s strong financial performance. In 2016, sales rose 31 percent to 41.7 million pounds, and profit rose 42.5 percent to 7 million pounds. The label also discloses environmental profit and loss results and measures the environmental impact of the enterprise.
In 2016, the impact was up 2 per cent, significantly less than business growth, the company said its production and sales growth is largely offset by reducing the influence of raw materials used, for example, the use was once thought to waste renewable alternative raw cashmere cashmere fiber.


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