What I’m wearing this week: low heel party shoes


Do you know those who tell the story, they want them to give their young self advice? Are they always truly knowledgeable, eager, sad and moving? So, this is one of them. A little bit. Well, there is no erudite, yearning, sad or moving part. But it’s still important.
I’m talking about high heels. Specifically, I want to give my young self a lot of money so that they don’t spend crazy money on shoes I can’t walk on. When the heart is swelling and inspiring speech, that’s not, of course, with robin Williams, we’re going to show it in the death poets society. But I wish I knew now it looks obvious. This is not a good time to wear shoes, because your foot hurts, it’s a waste of money.

As I said 20 years ago: but I’m not the only one with a blind spot. Walk into a shoe department at this time of year and you’ll find an average heel height of about 10 cm. But when you walk into a party, you’ll find that smart, low-heeled shoes, women in the right shoes don’t fit, and shoes that aren’t obvious are left in the corner. There’s a disconnect between the shoes we buy at night and the shoes we wear at night, which suggests that I’m not the only one who buys shoes to rewire. I finally stood out from my graduation from being a barefoot woman, and she kicked expensive new heels into smart jewelry apartments.
The trouble with high heels is that they are so gorgeous. The slender curve of the dagger, steep Angle, is irresistible. But we don’t buy sculptures, we buy shoes. While it is tempting to agree that high-heeled shoes are highly maintainable, it is a waste of money unless your credit card extends to the driver’s service.
The need for low heel shoe party shoes has gradually diminished the need for self-attractiveness in high heels. The revival of the heel has followed a new generation of heels, giving you a tangible boost that won’t be painful. Now is the time to get out of your heel. Carpe diem, two and a half inches at a time. We can do that.


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