Women’s fashions, times and trousers


In recent weeks there have been numerous reports of women’s disrespect and harassment in a variety of workplaces and women trying to enter their chosen professions. This is a multi-level theme, but the simplest is that it is almost always about power and influence, rather than a desire to walk into the gate of the desire, and how to be your own person and won’t mess up the career opportunities in the future, become famous or just a job and income.
Photos of five female models like AllSaints (finance, Oct. 30), like many fashion photographers in recent years, emphasize that women are bodies, not people. Empty faces, distant eyes, and dead eyes are all about seeing women as images/objects, not human opinions.
Margaret prosser.
Labour, house of lords
? I was surprised to see your menstrual period (blood, November 11 weekend), referring to what they were still considered to be a disgrace. In 1976, I was exploring my menstrual cycle as part of my art degree exhibition at Leeds institute of technology. I made four paintings, each one of which was the blood from the Tampa that I printed on paper that day. So on my fourth day, I had four real blood stains, telling the story of how much blood I lost every day.

The mirror wrote an article about my controversial period of art (under the name of my marriage, Hobbes). Tampax sent me two boxes of tampons and asked to see them.
It’s been 41 years since I made the controversial work, and it’s still a problem. Good luck, and now my young ladies have picked up the red torch and rescued the period again. North Martha
The peacock
North Waltham, Norfolk.
? in Jo Hale v Whickham Comprehensive, the school’s right to ban girls from wearing trousers as part of their school uniforms has been questioned, and the school has settled out of court. This means no case law is established. Then, when the support Joe hale wrote a letter to the ministry of education of the equal opportunities commission lawyers, suggested that the ministry of education funding for a test case, so that all arguments can be debated, and establish case law. The defense department is down.
In the face of the legal action to threaten the girl’s right to wear school, the headmaster always settled out of court (” letter “on November 8). In particular, the use of school funds to maintain this unreasonable behavior may be regarded as misconduct in public office. Therefore, there is very little chance of a case law in this regard.
Therefore, for parents, students, the principal, the principal, such as the ministry of education shall be specified in the uniform broad guidance, deprived of the rights of girls as part of the uniform wear pants is direct sex discrimination. If that means boys can wear skirts, that’s ok.


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