This 30-minute HIIT exercise will keep you fit in for this holiday season


I think we can all agree that during the holiday season, most of us “give up” to our fitness goals – blaming all parties (hello, wine!), Shopping (goodbye, extra fitness time), the weather Short Angels We all Want to Sleep) and New Year Resolution Ideas (“I Will Start to Get Well Back in January” sounds familiar?).

However, this year I am trying to stay healthy – including exercise and diet. And folks, I’ll challenge you to do the same thing.

It turns out that keeping healthy during holidays is not as daunting as it looks, just ask fitness expert Brent Bishop. According to the owner of Think Fitness Studios in Toronto, you only need 20-30 minutes to complete a valid HIIT (Intensive Interval Training) workout. The best part? You can do it in a comfortable home.

High-intensity circuits include the following five exercises that alternate between speed and power,

Dumbbell split body (work legs and shoulders)
2. Through the board (work center oblique, ABS, waist, shoulder stabilizer)
3. Dumbbell strength to reverse (work legs, core and shoulders)
4. One-legged YTW (engineering posture muscular buttocks, entire back and back shoulders)
5. T-type drilling (work cardiopulmonary and agile)

Complete each exercise 30-60 seconds, repeat three to four groups. If you do not have a dumbbell, Bishop recommends using a bottle of detergent, so you really have no excuse. He said doing exercise on the first morning at least every other day (to avoid this!), Then adding protein.

It’s not all yet – Brent also recommends the following tips to keep your diet on the seasonal tracks of the holiday party:

1. Go to the party wholeheartedly Eat a healthy meal before your party, so you will feel full and will not eat so much snacks.

Do not forget your vegetables. During holidays, we often neglect to eat vegetables, but consume sugar, carbohydrates and so on. Brent recommends finding botanical foods and snacks to get your daily vegetarian intake, such as Yves veggie kale and quinoa bites.

Be proactive Choosing a convenient way to help you keep track of nutrition will make things easier. Prepare your meal twice a week and choose easy-to-prepare healthy foods.

4. Drink a glass of wine and drink a glass of water. This will help you to reduce your drinking and calories and keep it hydrated (the next day helps solve the hangover).


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