10 smart home gadgets make your life easier.


Use these 10 smart home solutions, from the robot vacuum to the plug, to solve the annoying problem in the home.
For smart home technology, when it’s right, it makes your life easier, and it’s not hard to do it right. You should be able to manage your family more effectively and deal with common tasks more quickly than before. In some cases, smart home technology can even solve nagging problems that have been struggling for years at home.
Here are 10 smart home gadgets that don’t cost too much, but can make your life easier.
Sweeping robot
Anyone with a child or pet may have developed a love-hate relationship with a vacuum cleaner. It clears out some confusion, but it may also take your time. A sweeping robot can walk through hardwoods and rugs and suck out pet hair, bread crumbs and other things. You can program him to start at some point and then automatically return to the charging base after completing the task.
Visual doorbell
You’re twisting things with a wrench or changing a light bulb or doing the dishes, whatever you’re doing, the doorbell rings. However, you don’t have to put your hands down and rush to open the door. You just tap the button on your smartphone app to see who’s there by the visible doorbell outside the house and tell them to wait or open the door.
Smart nozzle
As long as you can connect to the Internet and have a smartphone app, it will never be easier to develop an automatic sprinkler system. This application is much simpler than a timer on a spray control box. In addition, you can turn on and off the system whenever you need it. For example, when it starts to rain at work, the irrigation system can be remotely connected through an application, temporarily interrupting irrigation.
Motion sensor
The motion detector is one of the most versatile devices in all smart home appliances, which can be used to monitor the occupants, trigger the turn off lights, monitor the movement of family members, and so on.
Wireless lighting control system.
Once you’re in bed, it’s a torture to pull you up and turn off the kitchen light. If you use wireless lighting control system, you can touch or smart phone on the bedside table of the remote control, so few seconds all the lights in the entire house can be automatically extinguished.
Intelligent plug
You suddenly left the coffee machine and rushed out the door. Don’t go home and eat your coffee. Buy a piece of hardware that plugs into a power socket. It’s called a smart plug. Plug the coffee machine into the smart plug so you can switch off the appliance from your smartphone app. It also applies to irons, fans, lamps, and any other gadget that plugs into a socket.
Better router
When everyone is fighting for bandwidth, someone will eventually lose. Don’t risk missing important deadlines because your Internet connection is unstable. Can change a router running multiple frequencies, multiple radio equipment, it can give priority to any device for maximum bandwidth, good router is can minimize wi-fi congestion, expand coverage and eliminate dead band.
Application controlled smoke detector.
Cooking produces smoke, which sometimes produces too much smoke, which can lead to alarm if too much. You can replace an existing smoke detector with a smoke detector that can be controlled from a mobile application. It can automatically close the alarm without using a broomstick probe. There are some other facilities, such as when you leave the notified, a ringing signals, and other intelligent family and intelligent lighting switch equipment signal, so that the alarm off lights flashing.
Keyless door lock
The key of the door has slipped to the bottom of your bag. Do you still have the strength to do it? If you have a smart door lock at this time, there’s no need to turn the key. The device, which replaces an existing lock, can be unlocked by receiving a signal from a smartphone.
Smart night light
Get out of bed in the middle of the night, and it’s possible that your toes or knees are going to bump into each other. By inserting a smart night light into a hallway socket, you can prevent personal injury from going to the bathroom or kitchen at night.


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