D secret angel


Victoria’s secret, not because of the angels.
Unlike other consumer brands, Victoria never invites celebrity endorsements, and Victoria’s secret angels are Victoria’s secret business CARDS. “Victoria has never chosen a famous model as an angel, because Victoria’s secret brand is stronger,” said Victoria’s former director of brand strategy and planning. Ed Razek also revealed in an interview that he has rejected many high-profile models’ applications for Victoria’s secret angels almost every month.
Ed Razek is not only the executive producer of the Victoria’s secret show, but he also controls the “angels” and, to some extent, his role as god.
What exactly is a Victoria’s secret angel? On d the catwalk models are divided into two – “angel” and “angel”, d secret angel need to d “angel” contracts, with “angel” model to fulfill the responsibility is different, like sentiment at the Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid is dimension of the contract model.
The former Victoria’s secret angel Miranda Kerr (Miranda Kerr) has revealed that “Victoria’s secret angel will work at least three months a year”. Other sources have noted that angels work for at least 50 days a year, including platforms for their full range of products (from underwear to beauty products) and advertising. Instead of signing up for angels, they only need to attend some of Victoria’s secret conferences and fashion shows.
Whether d angel or “angel” model has a chance to admire David wings, novice, just as d dense shows two times Kendall Jenner d wings, this year the masses call “not worthy”.
To be a Victoria’s secret angel, the model needs to be 18 years old, and has a healthy body of women, with an ideal height of 5 ‘9 “(about 175cm), a 24 inch waist and no more than 18 percent body fat.
Strong correlation between figure and angels contracts to the angels have a good sense of crisis, Miranda Kerr said in an interview, “have you ever thought if my leg is more thin, hair more bright will be more happy, if you have, you should go to meet d of the girls, they have the most thin legs, the brightest hair, wears the coolest clothes, but they were of her body in the world the most uncomfortable woman.”
The Victoria’s secret angels are more like athletes than models. The body fat of the average woman is between 21 and 24 percent, while the athletes are 14 to 20 percent. D of model need self-discipline and diet and sufficient number of shaping training in order to achieve the athletes level of body fat, and that once you begin, models will have to continue this life for several years.
But, fortunately models in become angel after price rise, in 2014 on the Forbes list of the most profitable model wealth, 21 on the list model walking only five didn’t show or for dimensions in commercials.
Over the past few years, many big d angels and d guhya termination, “former contracts can not so some of gold”, a source said, “before like Alessandra Ambrosio such angel, gold are both millions of dollars contract, now only $100000.” The reason for the decrease in the pay of the angels is that the number of angels has increased. There were only 4-8 angels in the past, and now the number has risen to more than a dozen.
However, another person familiar with the matter also said that Victoria’s secret angel’s annual contract is $5 million, and non-contract models are paid at least $10, 000 each.
In fact, in addition to the contract gold, it is more important that models can raise their visibility through the angel’s identity and make themselves more commercially viable. Sara Sampaio revealed that after becoming Victoria’s secret angel, her social media followers would leap forward and even be recognized on the street.
Victoria’s secret is also good at amplifying the value beyond the angel show. To balance the dimension of angel “non-human” image, dimension of advertising also takes affinity course, make consumers feel d angels is not so far-fetched, then promote consumers to buy d tight underwear.
Alessandra Ambrosio, who used to be a mother and wife in a commercial for Victoria’s secret, has been able to distance herself from the consumer and has helped to sell more lingerie.


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