Small family tools set the couple on fire.


1. Frozen sexy underpants.
If you’re still rubbing your pants on your men, you’re really out of fashion!
To really enjoy extreme sex, you can put the little pants you’re ready to flirt with and throw them in the freezer the day before. When it’s time to do so, gently fold the frozen fabric around his little balls and slowly move up and down.
The fabric of small trousers and trousers, and the cold feeling of frozen storage ice, the combination of the two, will bring him unexpected surprise. But remember that when you tease him in this way, you can’t be too slow, because the heat coming out of his waist will warm up the chilled panties.
So when the pants have returned to room temperature, you can start using another way to keep your passion burning. Experts suggest you find a wet towel and throw it in the microwave for 15 seconds. Well, with a warm towel and soft pinched his penis, it is the same as you use your mouth to help him, but with a hot towel is to enhance the benefits of his groin blood circulation, make him more excited.
2. Massage oil body map.
Well, that sounds like a lot to hear in your ears, but you have to trust us, because all the men who have tried it, give it a thumbs up!
The massage oil is heated, the first and then use dropper, or similar tools to suck up some massage oil, slowly draw upon him, write letters, or you can start slowly from his neck, shoulder, to the back, hips, legs and draw a thin line.
Using a drip line with a hot oil painting, you can pour the massage oil onto your hand and massage the body more comfortably. After the play, how to massage him will suit you!
3. Body painting.
If you want to be a little different, you might as well scratch your partner’s body with a clean brush.
You can take turns with him, with the brush on the inside of each other’s shoulders, behind the knee, and at the top of your feet, or wherever you think he’s ticklish. At the top of the brush, when exposed to the skin, it sends the stimulated skin to the brain, allowing him to crave more touch and stimulation.
If you feel that a brush is too monotonous, you can also try different sizes of brushes, which may bring more surprises!
4. Pearl necklace
Whether you believe it or not, you can use a pearl necklace with temperament as a sex toy. You can buy a fake pearl necklace of about 36 inches (if you use a real pearl necklace).
Put it on your body first, because the heat of your body can help to warm the beads.
When are you ready to have sex, untie the chains, and then squeeze a heap of lubricants in the above, the pearl necklace wrapped around his little balls, don’t be too loose, don’t pull too tight, just stick on his balls. Cross your fingers and put your fingers on his. Your palms are right on the left and right side of his.
Next, move your hands up and down, like a wave, and rub it hot, and then move the string of pearls so that his balls can be comfortable too.
5. Use the secret of hair elastic.
The elastic band not only helps him maintain his climax, but also USES the gadget more skillfully. Start by looking for six elastic bands that tie your hair, then fold them one by one, set them on his balls, and then slowly use your lips and tongue to remove them.
Every time you remove an elastic band, it will stimulate him to the point where the climax is more intense. What’s more, the quality of the loose hair on his side will make him feel strange.
6. Rubber band.
When you have sex, you must have been on a limb with him. So you might as well get the sex up a bit, find a very long plastic cord (at least until you can wrap around your two bodies), and get you really tangled up with him.
Pick up the rope, folded in half and put it by rotating rolled into one, make your body with him with the rope winding twice, and then make a knot at the waist place, let the two of you are closely tied together. (if you feel the plastic cord is uncomfortable, use a stretchy pilates elastic band or scarf instead.) It doesn’t matter if you’re in a missionary position with him, or you’re going to be on a ride, or even face to face, you’re not even an inch apart.
Not only will this increase your intimacy, but it will also add a lot of fun, because you’ll find that it’s really not easy to work together.


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