The biggest crisis of Victoria’s secret.

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t’s sexy, it’s a vertigo, it’s possible to send Victoria to the altar.
Jeetendr Sehdev, a professor at the university of southern California, argues that “brands like Abercrombie & Fitch (AF) and Victoria’s secret are dangerous, and girls may not be paying for sex anymore. Victoria’s secret should not be a dazzling array of things, such as’ angels’ and ‘Fantasy Bra’, which should rethink what women need.
So what do women need? The Aerie, a lingerie brand owned by American Eagle, has a “anti-vertigo” approach that works well.
In contrast to Victoria’s secret, the Aerie USES a variety of models to make lingerie shows, with fat and thin, but not like Victoria’s angels with sculpted bodies. Victoria’s secret pursuit of sexy, most of the product is to have a steel ring to the type of bra, more not lack of built-in bra to achieve the effect, while Aerie pursues the natural effect, the product is the single-layer bra without the steel ring.
In order to cater to Aerie’s product positioning, its marketing strategy will also be “natural”. Since 2014, Aerie has renounced the use of Photoshop in the advertisement. Sales of Aerie continued to rise after never being repaired. Aerie sales rose 32 per cent in the first quarter of 2016, compared with a 12 per cent rise in 2015.
The brand expects sales of $500 million in 2017, compared with $7.7 billion for the company next year.
In fact, consumer demand for “perfect” for Victoria’s secret has actually rebounded.
In 2014, weimi made a “Perfect Body” advertisement for the new bra, which immediately aroused public dissatisfaction. Tens of thousands of people signed a petition, demanding that the company apologize and modify the copywriting. Petitioners believe that “Perfect Body” ads hurt ordinary women, making them insecure and insecure, and promoting the concept of “Perfect” objectifies women to some extent.
Later, vermi changed “THE PERFECT BODY” to “A BODY FOR EVERY BODY”, but THE picture still adopted A model underwear show like A statue, which made A small concession to THE public’s voice. Another lingerie brand, Dear Kate, has also been marketing, taking a series of “Perfect Body” ads.
In addition, the size of Victoria’s secret is also criticized by many consumers. Victoria’s biggest size is XL, which is about 16 yards from the U.S. By contrast, the fashion industry’s larger size is between 12 and 24 yards in the us, with some even offering clothes as big as 28 yards.
In addition to the Aerie mentioned above, sports brand Luluemon and Calvin Klein are the main competitors of Victoria’s secret, and the battle of underwear is getting worse. The company’s marketing strategy has become more aggressive in response to industry changes, with a series of new lightweight bras and a new bra designed to cater to the “natural” needs of the public.
The popular trend of this kind of “natural” is also reflected in Victoria secret show, in 2015, Maria Borges is historic and without the transformation of the mother’s womb, black head go d show, in the past, the dimension of model and hair must be carefully build the fluffy big waves. On this year’s show, Victoria kept the switch.

“What are millennials and the next generation of girls thinking? We really feel that they are more independent and stronger. “Aerie chairman Jennifer Foyle said. A new generation of women is more accepting of self-acceptance, more emphasis on natural beauty, and consumers are beginning to say “no” to the feminine beauty defined by Victoria’s secret.


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