Use small tools to recommend — combs.


Suddenly I want to share with you some of you use every day, so you won’t go to care, more won’t go to study things, but in my experience, is indeed a penny a points goods, but many times you will find that your stuff is not good, the good thing is not always very expensive, but it must be not cheap too much. My spirit is: I don’t have to be rich, but I must make my life more comfortable in the range I can afford. So, I’d like to share with you some of the useful things that have been found in living in a foreign country for many years. First to tell you that something is messy, and sometimes the pictures may not be an easy thing (imagine, I want to take home the POTS and pans that much effort, is a pan of steak is weighed more than 5 kg) so, I think I will be lazy from time to time, but, if you have any questions, you can ask, I try to tell us all you know, sharing is a happy thing, isn’t it?
Comb, for girls, its importance is self-evident, because most of the girl is long hair or keep hair long, morning or evening after you have returned home to dispersion modelling hair, hair more or less there will be a knot, comb a bottom go to, make sure you one hundred times spirit, is painful wake up! Some people would say: start from the hair end slowly comb the hair not to do. Please, if you are a habit to rely on the bed, I don’t have, can immediately since the childhood is the alarm clock rang up) or dreams and waking state (I usually is the case, or is home was already very late at night… In this case, do you still spend time on this matter? Besides, if you like me, don’t you like her hair get all over the room, so can only stand in the bathroom of a fixed place to comb my hair, comb after head also have to drop the hair clean, so, would you want your hair longer as short as possible.
Another thing that you might miss is the health of the scalp. I am a person who belongs to sensitive scalp, every change garments according to the season, even if I kept the habit of hair every day, not long after wash a head scalp is scratchy, though not very serious, but it is a very frustrating thing, and a big pressure, the oil will be out, then there will be one like the thing is not blain blain blain blain, then there is a lot to hair loss. Of course, it’s not practical to rely on a comb to solve these problems. I just want to have a comb that won’t overstimulate my already allergic scalp.
Below, I would like to recommend two combs for my two main problems.
The first is a very inexpensive, but very useful brush — tangle teezer.
Because my that has been in use for a long time, considered, is sick, I still don’t take out the product comforms to the drawing, use the picture of the website, what I use is the one in the middle golden.
If you are a curly hair, if you will be a lot of hair loss in the process of combing their hair, if you find that want to put the wet hair after washing head open is a very difficult thing, if you hair knot has played a very serious problem, so, the comb can help you to get rid of all problems. I am not exaggerating at all, such a “huge” and unflattering comb can be listed as one of the must-have items for my trip, so it is of great importance to me. Had to buy the comb in the UK is a complete accident, between a barber shop in London a shop assistant in my payment is ready to leave you recommended to me by this comb, because he found out that my hair is very loose (that is, of course, I am a natural roll), look very dull, so he said to me after the comb to comb the hair will become more luster. I bought it because it wasn’t expensive and I was trying. It turns out to be surprisingly easy to use, even when you’re wet hair, you don’t feel anything at all. Later, at the time of generation of raising children, because the girl is soft hair, and her hair is very long, it happened that character like a boy, the end of the day, hair chaos was even better than her dog kennel, is one of the most painful time of the day to help her comb, comb girl every time finished basically teary-eyed, therefore, I try holding the attitude to help her with the comb, as a result, every time the little girl to go out tourism, will surely remember to bring it. It’s not expensive. It’s about 10 fat people in memory. The official website should be sold, interested people can try it.
Janeke, Italy handmade comb, manufacturer’s history for a long time, more than one hundred years, the mirror of his family is also recommended products, but basically, comb and mirror, ask for the price of expensive, most of the time I recommend to others, the other party will feel to spend dozens of pieces of the euro is not worthwhile to buy a comb. I can only say it depends on the individual’s needs. Because my scalp often appears allergic phenomenon, so, the time that general comb combs hair hair, can feel very prickly painful, uncomfortable, but can’t have to brush head to go out. So I hesitated to embark on a journey of looking for a good comb (obviously is the excuse for their own impulses in), tried to three tradition established a comb, bristle too tied the scalp, 9 hole to comb the hair knot is difficult to the same problem also appears in a French tire brand produced by the bristle (this didn’t spend money, gift) on the comb. When I have already can’t stand going to crazy (I’ve tried for a period of time, is about three months or so, can’t use a comb, can only rely on their own fingers), someone gave me janeke a super invincible fevered comb, you said that you are just a comb comb it looks like, it doesn’t, back to what set of crystal and so on, you can imagine my face at that time. Under one’s power, I tried it the next morning, and soon after, I bought the silver comb that everyone had seen. Every point on a small sphere protrusion, grinding smooth, never got a boost to I’m not sensitive to the hair, almost no electrostatic problems at the same time, the comb handle part of the design is very good, pick it up no matter which Angle won’t comb my hair. Do you have a cough up hand feeling. And each comb comes with a small condom, which solves the problem of where the comb is easy to dust, and is easy to travel with. The only bad thing is the price is too high.


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