Victoria’s secret China is on the show, the secret behind the secret show.


Will be held in Shanghai, China on November 20, 2017, Victoria’s secret fashion show is the first step into Chinese remarkable activity, despite several recently came to participate in the star of the show and supermodel cannot be on the stage in China, but did not reduce the people look for in a big show, early appearance of the supermodel and exhibition has raised a hot wave “d”.
On November 18, Victoria’s secret imperial photographer James Russell, the latest published works of individual books “backstage secret” international version and the Chinese custom version synchronous global sale, supermodel Karlie Kloss, Lily Aldridge and Martha Hunt in Shanghai, this is secret supermodel came to Shanghai for this year’s first public appearance after, they in addition to new book publishing and film festival opening ceremony, also share the dimension of the filming of the secret show the background story, healthy and energetic state on the big show is full of expectation.
The 2017 Victoria’s secret fashion show will be open in 20, the show has brought together many a supermodel, they will be wearing with the underwear of swarovski crystal, Brian Atwood high-heeled shoes, the iconic angel wings and high-end jewelry brand Mouawad design create value as much as $2 million, 2017 bright champagne night dream underwear, together with the world class entertainers bring a visual feast. Although there are rumours “d” show tickets sold hundreds of thousands of day price, but in fact the show make and no foreign sales, the personal invitation show will live in China time Wednesday at 11 a.m. on November 29th, in several online video site.
If you can’t wait to feel the supermodel fashion charm, Russell James solo for the first time in China has been in Shanghai lujiazui, riverside city slipway, opening, from November 19 to 26 for a period of eight days festival, in addition to his “d show the background’s secret” the most splendid art of photography series more than 60 works, you can also see experience show the background atmosphere.
“Russell is charming,” said supermodel Karlie Kloss. “you can trust him and love him. His personality is a bit like the Disney cartoon character goofy, very funny, full of vitality. He will make you feel safe and secure and let others see you in a different way. I would do anything for Russell, and I would go anywhere for him.


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