Bombardier won Boeing’s U.S. trade case.


Bombardier won Boeing’s U.S. trade case.

The us international trade commission (ITC) has ruled against bombardier’s rival aircraft maker Boeing. The result is expected to be good for America’s aerospace giants. The us government has threatened to impose a 292 per cent tariff on the imports of bombardier’s c-series aircraft.

For bombardier’s 1, 000 employees in the north, the ruling is welcome, which means airlines can start shipping their c-series to delta as planned.

Workers in the north are said to be “elated”. Bombardier Belfast factory is for C series jet wings, bombardier has previously warned that the cseries program for its entire operating the long-term prospects of “critical”.

The CSeries project directly supports 1,000 workers, accounting for 25 per cent of the northern bombardier workforce. In Northern Ireland, the republic and the UK, about 200 suppliers also provide materials and services for CSeries projects, while more suppliers participate in the supply chain.

The ITC was asked to approve the Commerce Department’s proposal to crack down on Canadian companies’ c-series jets and sell nearly 300 percent of the tariffs to American airlines.

Boeing says bombardier is able to sell aircraft in the United States at “ridiculous prices” after receiving a $3 billion government subsidy.

Bombardier, said Boeing’s case has no value, the real intention is to force bombardier from the 100 – seat market, because it looks like competition is going to buy a small jet makers.

The ITC said on Friday that U.S. companies and workers were not harmed by the sale of 100 to 150 planes from Canada. The panel of judges unanimously voted in favour of the ruling. The decision also opened the door to bombardier’s new U.S. customers and could ease trade tensions with Canada and Britain.

Bombardier is expected to lose the U.S. trade dispute – the Canadian government’s source.

The U.S. decision on the bombardier C series has been postponed until Friday.

Last April, Boeing complained that delta had ordered 75 c-series planes. Boeing claims that bombardier per share price of $19.6 million (15.8 million euros) sold 108-133 – seat CS100, they think that their cost is actually $33.2 million (26.7 million euros).

Union leaders fear that US President Donald trump’s “us first” policy will affect the outcome of the ITC’s long-term investigation. Senior UK government ministers have said they expect the ITC to support the business sector.

The supply chain

On Friday evening, the ITC, after voting in Washington, dc, the united assistant secretary-general Steve Turner (Steve Turner), says bombardier Northern Ireland Labour and the supply chain can now “relieved”, the ITC rejected Boeing’s complaint.

The federation has taken the lead in opposing proposed trade tariffs, saying union members and shop assistants are happy with the results.

“The CSeries is a world-class aircraft made by world-class workers. The United States government cannot reverse this decision.

“Unite looks forward to continuing to work with bombardier to ensure future sales and investment, to ensure a bright future for thousands of employees in Northern Ireland and across the UK supply chain.”

Bombardier said the ITC decision was “a triumph of innovation, competition and the rule of law.”

“CSeries is the most innovative and efficient new aircraft of the generation. Its development and production represents thousands of jobs in the United States, Canada and Britain, “said the Montreal group.

“We are very proud to work with our staff, investors and suppliers to bring this remarkable aircraft to market. With this in mind, we are pushing forward with airbus. ”

Industry leaders in the north believe the decision will not only boost local manufacturing but also improve the economy.

Stephen Kelly, chief executive of NI industries, said the ITC vote “removed a huge concern for the bombardier workers, not the head of the entire supply chain in the north”.


Bombardier’s Belfast plant USES its patented resin transfer perfusion process to make the main structural components of each C series wing. Responsible for the design, manufacture and assembly of advanced composite wings for each CSeries aircraft.

Bombardier currently in Northern Ireland for 1000 employees, including engineers, operations staff and support staff, 25% of all employees involved in Belfast C series production, but in four years, is expected this figure may increase to 60% depending on the CSeries aircraft sales.

Bombardier’s shares surged 7.8 per cent to c $3.30 in Toronto at 2.33pm, up 11 per cent, the biggest intraday gain in three months. Boeing fell less than 1 percent to $342.09.


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