Break your gym: save time and improve more of these tips


Strike a gym should not be a painful thing, but sometimes exercise looks more like a difficult, not a problem. Stagnant routines and training highlands can motivate, not to mention precious time. We already have five proven tricks and hackers to enhance any training system to make the gym fun.
Do the most important upgrade first. Work on weaknesses? Research shows that the sequence of exercises is important, and what we do before we practice – before we feel weary – has the most impact on training. If general strength and condition are the goal, then do whole body, compound action to maximize strength gain and recovery from one workout to the next.

Use a towel on the lever. Grab an extra gym towel (or two) and modify common exercises and increase grip. For example, try pulling up with a towel around the bar. This will increase the perimeter of the bar and give your hands extra workouts. For further challenges, put a towel on the bar and begin to regain some of the grave challenges of grip, forearm and back work “Towel Pull-Up”.

Sprint between stations. Training leg? Try to sprint between stations in the gym instead of walking. This is a quick way to exercise extra between the two groups. (If you need a pair of dumbbells, add extra points.)
Stop using the Smith machine, sort. Although the machines used for weight training are the staple foods in gyms around the world, research shows that Smith machines are not as effective at creating the strength and muscle of free-weight exercises. Instead, use the Smith machine’s adjustable height, inverted lock barbell, and especially workout those work upwards.
Load the bar with a smaller weight. Highland strength has a large psychological component, so if the numbers do not increase, the problem may be in the brain. In order to break the old personal record, try to load the bar with a smaller steel plate. This makes it difficult for the brain to associate a strong weight with a particular visual setting. Although more research is needed to prove the effectiveness of this technique, it may be just what is needed to set up a new PR, some of which may become very small.


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