Homemade plain butter.


I can’t even tell you I’m happy with this homemade veggie butter!
It’s perfect! Bread is delicious, spread (and melt) toast, you can use it to bake, fry, no matter you usually use vegetarian butter!
It’s homemade!
It has a wonderful butter flavor and takes about 5 minutes.
Now you might ask: why should I buy some plain butter?
So here’s the thing – a very common question I use in baked goods with vegetarian butter is: “where can I find plain butter? Because many countries do not seem to have good usability.
Or, it may be that you don’t love all the ingredients that are offered to your brand, maybe you are just as happy as I am, you can make your own things!
I wanted to make sure this vegetarian butter was suitable for a variety of USES, so I tried to fry it and saute some mushrooms with some scallions, which is perfect (and delicious!). .
Then I wanted to know if it was suitable for baking, so I added sugar to it with some sugar, and made some veggie oatmeal cookies, and it was perfect!
As you can see, I’ve spread it on bread and toast, enjoying the way people like butter.
One of the things I don’t like is to use it on frosting. This is because it is very soft/melted at room temperature and very hard in the fridge. This is of course because the base is coconut oil, this is coconut oil!
The vegan butter that stores buy tends not to be super hard in the fridge and won’t get super traffic at high temperatures, which is why they work better in the icing. So for this reason, this is not an ideal icing, I will stick with the store.
But for everything else – this veggie butter is great!
I mentioned above that it had a flavor of butter, and the truth told me that I hadn’t tasted real butter for years!
But it’s better to compare the flavor of pure cream on the market. It’s damn good, I must say!
It does become very hard in the refrigerator, so in that sense it’s more like a traditional butter, if you want to lay it on the bread, or to bake with sugar, it’s best to make it a little to soften it.
Spreading toast is good. It doesn’t need to be softened first.
When the refrigerator is still hard, you will find that its texture tends to be fragile, but once it is spread, it will not have any effect on the outcome. To avoid this, let it soften.
This is, of course, a fresh, homemade product, so although the oil in pure cream is durable (its base is refined coconut oil), other ingredients such as non-dairy milk are not.
So, if you want to keep it for longer than 2 weeks, then freeze the extra, and just keep what you’re using. When you are ready to use the frozen part, just put it in the refrigerator and thaw it out.
I tried to test the formula with various ingredients, I try to use olive oil instead of rapeseed oil and extra virgin coconut oil, rather than the refined coconut oil, to be honest, in the final formula below to join the best ingredients.
You can use extra virgin coconut oil, which I don’t think is vulgar, but it doesn’t taste that good. And I like the smell of coconut, so it’s not like I have any objection. It just doesn’t taste very good. There was only a week or so in the refrigerator, and it was as white as lard, unlike butter. You can definitely try, but if you have a problem with refined coconut oil, just know that the results are not good.
Olive oil seems to give this bitter taste. Canola oil works better. Now I know that since I started this blog, people have been asking me how to use olive oil in my cake, but in fact I have never tasted the bitterness of the use of olive oil, until the vegan cream. So rape is a better choice.
The creamy flavor comes from buttermilk – apple cider vinegar mixed with unsweetened soy milk or almond milk, and I tested both, with good – and a little nutritional yeast.
Refined coconut oil tastes very neutral and has a perfect texture, so it can add other flavors to the vegetarian butter.
Then a pinch of turmeric provides yellow, but make sure it’s just a pinch. I tried a quarter of a teaspoon. Oh, my color is yellow, just like the color of a highlighter!
If you love homemade stuff, you’ll love this homemade veggie butter!


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