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For weight lifters and long jumpers are essential, power is the key to the climax of Batman! And the whip of Wonder Woman! But where does the power come from? (Unfortunately, the answer is not superpower.) From pitching to lifting weights, the most powerful exercise starts with a quick hip extension, which is the muscle that causes the hips and hamstrings to occur. So behind the powerhouse is the first step to becoming stronger on the gym, on the runway, and even on groceries.
Einstein will explain the power like this: power = force x distance / time. In exercise, strength is the weight of an object in motion – whether it is weight-bearing barbell, baseball or the body itself (such as a runner). The distance is the distance the object moves, the time is how long it takes. Strength can be instantly expressed (for example, a basketball player makes a sneaky dunk) or can last for some time (such as a boxer hitting a punch with the hips in the twelfth round).

Whether it is jumping, hitting, throwing or sprinting, the optimal amount of power generation is crucial. All of these actions are caused by the explosive expansion of the buttocks. (Sounds like a dangerous dance move!) The back chain (aka trophy) consists primarily of buttocks and hamstrings – the largest muscles in the leg. These muscles are responsible for extending the hips, so gaining strength is mainly to strengthen these muscles. Unfortunately, because the backchains do not include the bendable “specular muscles” that we like to show off, it’s easy to forget about their importance. But do not be fooled – they are crucial to becoming a formidable athlete (and even just the last move of the office building).

Back to that thing – your plan of action
Prospects become more powerful? We talked to great experts Mike Reinold and coach Joe Vennare about how to train a stronger back. Mike Reinold, Ph.D., head physicist at Boston Red Sox, said focusing on the buttocks is essential for strength training. “Exercising time is an important part of any athlete’s workout program and if you have any strength or movement problems on your hips, the waist will stretch rather than the buttocks, which inevitably leads to movement patterns and wear in these areas.” Reynolds suggests the following exercises to make the hips safe and effective firing:

Bird Dogs: Hands and knees directly under the body start on the floor. Slowly extend your right arm forward while straightening your left leg back until they are parallel to the ground. Retreat, repeat the left arm and right leg, keep the core has been working. Reynolds said: “Many people want to actively engage in advanced buttocks practice, but risked too much to enter the risk of their compensation model.”
Kneeling Hip Thrust: Beginning with the dowel bar in front of the hip joint, the resistance band is secured a few feet behind the end of the pole and behind the body. Slowly bend your hips backwards, then open your hips in an explosive manner, stretching your torso vertically. Reynolds said: “I often find that beginners need to start with a more basic model.” I use the kneeling hip thrust position, with some resistance tube or cable resistance, really open my hips and began to strengthen the process. ”
Kettle swing: split your shoulders, knees bent slightly, with both hands Kettlebell on the front of the body, the bell on the thigh, let it swing slightly under the body. Let the momentum to help you with a straight arm swing to the shoulder or chin height. When you put the kettle bell to the front, when you squeeze the buttocks and bite the core, the buttocks should have a “burst” action, using hip movements to swing the weight. Vennare said: “The lower body big muscles and explosive hip are used to promote kettlebell.
Squatting: All forms of squatting can also effectively strengthen the hips and hamstrings. According to Wiener, the compound barbell movement is like a hard pull, clean, press or back squat coordination, the whole body to recruit large muscle groups.


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