The top seven destinations for family vacations.


It’s a special treat to get everyone together on family vacations, but only one vacation and a few people can please, so make sure you choose the right place.

Who better to trust and offer advice than someone with direct experience – who does the right thing for other travelers.

To help you find the perfect vacation, provides the best travel destination for your family. Selected from over 91 million comments, these are recommended by families rather than the average global traveler.

Cape may, New Jersey.

Cape may has always been a front-runner for family travel, still permeating the seaside, but increasingly catering to the needs of the fashion crowd. The horse-drawn carriage along the quaint streets of Victorian buildings has been going on for some time along a healthier age. On a day of sunshine or spectacular swimming, visit the beaches of Cape Town state park.

2. Antigua Guatemala, Guatemala.

Antigua is a small, beautiful, 500-year-old city with a pleasant feeling. Colorful Spanish colonial architecture with cobblestone streets filled with local music at night. The view on one side of the city can be seen in the surrounding volcanic landscape, which is ideal for active families who want to travel to challenge themselves.

3. Yuk lulitt, Canada.

Families can enjoy beautiful camping, hiking, kayaking, boat Tours and surfing in the ukulrich peninsula in British Columbia. The wild Pacific trail takes you along the twisted trunks of trees and the wild coastline to enjoy the magnificent seascape. It’s also worth visiting the area’s hot springs – the Ucluelet aquarium is a popular home spot.

Colombian Salento.

Salento, traditionally a coffee city, is rapidly becoming one of South America’s top tourist destinations. This is friendly, lively, and many restaurants offer simple and delicious local delicacies. Visit a coffee plantation or a ride through the cloudy Colombian forest.

5. Las terras, Dominican republic.

Las Terranas is a tropical paradise. Imagine the perfect white sand beaches and palm trees. But it is not only natural, it also has a lively atmosphere. Browse fresh fruit stalls and souvenir stalls and enjoy a wide selection of restaurants. The most important thing is to make full use of the lazy beach villa atmosphere in this quiet place.

ElChalten, Argentina.

Adventurous families would like ElChalten, which overlooks the north of Parque Nacional Los Glaciares. Trekkers travel here in the summer to make the most of the epic mountain roads before turning off most of their local transportation in the winter.

Fernando DE noronha, Brazil.

Fernando DE Noronha is a volcanic archipelago off the coast of Brazil and is known for its natural beauty and impressive ecological destination certificate. It attracts honeymooners to a large extent, but it also attracts families seeking easy escape. Take time to rest in your hammock, enjoy the magnificent Marine life and the perfect sunset, and enjoy the fresh local cuisine.


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