At Prada, supermodels, virtual models and historical moments.


Prada’s air is changing. A decade ago, at the 2008 autumn fair, Jourdan Dunn became the first black model to walk on milan’s runway since 1997 and broke the barrier after Naomi Campbell’s footsteps. Since then, the brand has embraced the concept of diversity, using programs and advertising campaigns from young men and women from all over the world. In today’s fall 2018 conference, Prada with Anok Yai cooperation started another milestone, the model of Sudan and virus star in a fugu ditch out – made her a Campbell led the brand influential actor after the first black women. It was just the last step in the path of her arrest in the wake of Howard university’s return to celebration.

Yai’s lineup provides the brand’s most popular female, past and present overview. Like Kaia Gerber, Kris Grikaite and Adut Akech moments like this, like the supermodel Amber Valletta, long-term campaign star Sasha Pivovarova, Chinese superstar liu wen and Fei Fei, Sun and girl together an impressive comeback kid. As usual, the director ASHLEY brokau has unveiled a series of new faces through her first solo debut, the most powerful of which is Eniola Abioro, Nigeria’s beauty, and Eduarda Bretas, a Brazilian who is facing babies.

Prada also handed over the Instagram virtual model Lil Miquela, but the show didn’t even have a digital gimmick to impress. By setting the color front and center models for one of the most influential houses in the fashion world, Prada and Brokaw send the message that runway diversity is not a trend – it’s a new standard.

I met with Airbnb’s new chief operating officer, belinda Johnson, in a room in San Francisco with a room called Helsinki. It is modeled after the popular Finnish listing, except for this one, with a large round table, chairs and yellow legal pads in all the bathrooms. Johnson wears her hair in the loose wave, this is not an important detail, but because it helps me to measure her mood – “when I put my hair back into a ponytail, this is the one day, you know my pain” she told Wired in 2016. There’s no need to use a ponytail – barometer: today is definitely a good day for Belinda Johnson. A harvard study found that after a complex number of years — in 2015, black users faced “widespread discrimination” by renters. In August last year, a female guest claimed that she was proven by her sued the platform after the host of sexual assault, reality has just announced an ambitious new roadmap, aim to let the company in 2028 reached 1 billion users.

When Johnson became COO just over three weeks ago, all the more intriguing facts about the promotion, until this point, the location of the production of Airbnb COO did not exist. After the changes, chief executive officer Brian Chesky chose Johnson, who later served as the company’s chief commercial and legal officer. If she sweats all the new responsibilities, she doesn’t show it: “it’s amazing. It’s very interesting. “I’m happy to accept that,” she told Vogue.

Euphemism in silicon valley, such as “fuel innovation” and “encourage rapid growth”, Johnson pointed to plans to rapidly expand the size of the growing company without loss “piecemeal entrepreneurial culture”, the vision including “like an platform will continue to play a leading role in social and business sectors, to do more than we expected.” She knew that her words: Johnson and Sheryl Sandberg indeed, like Sandberg, she is called the chief executive of high-profile behind the calm, calm presence (” we have good relations of cooperation, has always been the way we handle is a little different, we each other have the same idea, “Johnson said, Chesky). She also won the comparison, because sandberg is one of the few brands after it notes, in silicon Valley – female CEO, by contrast, because, have a person to compare them to the size of the list.


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