The 50 best places to travel in 2018.


Today’s travelers are more aware of what the world is offering than ever before. The possibilities are exciting, but also daunting. Every year, we will provide you with the best travel catalogue in the coming months.

Our travel expert – from global travel writers to A-List travel consultant at T + L, to our own editors – offers their advice. Then, let’s see where we are at the forefront of global dialogue, whether it’s a new hotel, a museum or a major international event. In any given year, the world’s best tourist cities and countries we recommend have a lot to do. Of course, we will consider the perennial favorite destinations to determine which destinations are reinventing themselves and make sure there is always something new to explore.

Whether you’ve experienced a heart-stopping adventure, a close look at history or a perfect meal, these are the 50 best destinations to be found in 2018. If you already know where you are going, share your planned social media with #TLBestPlaces.

Olta, Croatia.

There are more than 1,200 islands in the Adriatic Sea in Croatia, but the journey between them has long been weighed down by expensive yachts and public ferries. In 2018, with the popular ride-sharing app UberBOAT starting on demand and private trips off the coast of dalmatia, things will change. Š olta island is a hilly, is apart from the splitter (Croatia’s second city only 9 knots.

Often overlooked, like like hvar or blatch more rich neighbors, Š olta nature of low radar has proved to be a boon: rocky island has become the original natural (pebble beach, green water, lush green plants), synonymous with medieval villages, wine (try the soil Dobri č I level variety) and family-run olive oil suppliers, such as the fourth generation of producers Olynthia. After watching Maslinica gulf sun, view the fashionable beach club on the island, beach bar and outdoor restaurant pepper – then put your luggage on the Heritage Hotel Martinis – Marchi, within the castle built in 18 th-century Venetian fort the geographical position is superior, is suitable for those who want to explore Š olta in the gulf of ancient villages and in the crystal depths of our guests. – Kate Springer

Greenville, south Carolina.

Greenville was once a small group of people who had troubled southern culinary powers such as Charleston and Nashville, and became the new restaurant. The town will soon return home to Sean braddock’s heirloom crop, the centerpiece of the rice husk and food center market hall, called the house of Commons. Other recent increase including modern Italian scene from Michael Kramer Jianna (michaela di in the opening ceremony of the Charleston executive chef, brock before) and moody Speakasy Vault&Vator lounge. This is an impressive 67,000 high quality restaurants.

Those who prefer a high-line bed sheet will soon be able to enjoy luxury at the Bohemian hotel, a luxury boutique hotel with the glamour of Carolina. At the same time, the critical visitors can indulge in popular Westin Poinsett, this is a hotel with a long history, from the late 90 s of the destruction of the ball, to greenville, great southern Renaissance laid a solid foundation. – Rachel Tepper Paley


Grenada, known as the spice island, is still one of the Caribbean undervalued gem, although it can well meet the requirements of all passengers: crowded beach, well-preserved forests and vivid local culture and cuisine. The island survived last fall’s brutal hurricane season, and when the Silversands hotel opened in March 2018, it was ready to attract new luxury visitors. For the first time in 25 years, Silversands, the first major resort on Grand Anse beach, will offer 43 guest rooms and suites, nine villas and the Caribbean’s longest swimming pool. After a recent renovation, the lovely Calabash Luxury Boutique Hotel is now part of Relais&Chateaux, the fifth Hotel in the Caribbean that has been invited to join the Hotel group. Go to the island is a small challenge – jetblue increased daily service in New York City last year, and grenada is now 33 new cruise ship port of call – tourists will soon have more high-end accommodation options, and kimpton Kawana bay and Levera beach resort is in the work. -devorah, lev-tov.


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