Mirai Nagasu set up a record of the so-called “American tattoos” on her thigh


You will think that when Mirai Nagasu became the first American women figure skater to enter the three wheel racing at the 2018 Olympic Games, this is what everyone will talk about. The facts have proved that you can achieve the feat at the Olympic Games, and people will still say, “that’s great, but is it a huge tattoo on your thigh?”

In her daily work, it looks like the future has “American” tattoos on her thighs. If that’s the case, it would be great, but what you see is just a therapeutic tape. In fact, you can even buy your own Team USA KT adhesive tape online like Nagasu, in order to relieve pain and provide muscle strength, joints and tendons.

After Twitter speculated that Nagasu had a huge thigh, Twitter was in a frenzy. Nagasu forwarded a record by forwarding an interpretion that she was wearing a tape.

“No, Mirai Nagasu doesn’t have huge tattoos on the inside of her thigh,” someone wrote on Twitter. “This is a therapeutic tape. Unless… There’s a huge tattoo on the inside of her thigh???!!!

Everyone in different ways to deal with the pressure – some people hit the gym to blow off steam, others creatively express their ideas. If you are the Finland skiing coach Antti Koskinen, then you are organized in the middle of the Olympic Games.

During the key ski activities of the 2018 Winter Olympic Games held in Pingchang, Koskinen has become the top name of the Internet.

Koskinen on the top of the wet hour is not a new hobby – he was in 2014 during the Sochi Olympic Games has also been found by knitting. At that time, YAHOO sports pointed out that Koskinen claimed to “have brought out the knitted suit in order to keep the athletes bright before the game starts.” Obviously, the Finland skier Roope Tonteri is freed from the weaving of Koskinen, so when Tonteri takes part in the men’s slope competition this year, he will definitely get his needle.


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