Johnnie walker whisky bottle now has a female logo. Know ‘Jenny walker’


The women’s version of johnnie walker’s signature logo is intended to attract more women to the world’s best-selling scotch whisky and to acknowledge a wider push for gender equality.

The label for a limited edition of whiskey in the United States will have a striding woman – not the traditional top man – and with Jane walker’s name. Diageo Plc, the brand owner, hopes the move will boost the appeal of women’s products while celebrating women, said Stephanie Jacoby, vice President of Johnnie Walker.

“Scotland is considered a special threat to women as a category,” he said in an interview. “It’s a very exciting opportunity to invite women into the brand.”

Diageo is not the only one to put traditional male mascots on women’s faces. KFC, Fried chicken chain operated by Yum! Brands inc. released country singer Reba McEntire in January as colonel sanders in his latest marketing campaign.

How did the chemist help Johnnie Walker strengthen?

Jane Walker’s launch is the latest addition to the brand’s “Keep Walking America” campaign, which began in 2016. The campaign aims to address a wider audience of latinos and veterans.

Sales of scotch whisky rose by 2.1% between 2002 and 2017, according to the distilled spirits council, a trade group. Johnnie Walker is more competitive than many of its rivals, up 18 per cent last year – fuelled by a revival in cocktail culture.

Diageo, in London, also wants to increase women’s representation internally. Mr. Jacoby said his board would reach 50 percent in April. The company also called on advertising companies to offer at least one female director as part of any workplace.

In march, Jane walker will appear in 250,000 bottles nationwide. Diageo donated $1 to the women’s organization for every bottle of wine produced, including the huge women and the woman who should run. Although the bottles are limited, this is not Jane’s last bottle.

“We really think that Jane is the first female iteration of our striding icon,” she said. “We like to move forward with our striding man and the woman we strode.”


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