Simon potter’s new fashion movie, Jacquemus, is in the summer and we all need it now.


Simon Porte Jacquemus met Gordon von Steiner in a series of Vogue shoots. Von steiner captured CelineDion’s song in a couture collection last summer and flicked around Paris. Designers and directors hit it off, and almost instantly knew they wanted to work on a project. They eventually directed a short film on tenerife island in the canary islands, the first of its kind to star in the 2018 La Bomba spring series. Produced in cooperation with Woolmark Company in the film is also known as La Bomba (Von Steiner first) were taken, and with the dancers, actors, models, acrobats and Jacquemus young cousin, danced in the sunlight to tantalizing salsa music.

According to Jacques combs, the summer weather is uncertain at first. “The first time we set it up, it rained all day,” he explained. “I was very nervous because it was my first real big production and I was very nervous.” Fortunately, the designers and von steiner were able to continue filming later in the afternoon when the rain cleared. “The idea really was to feel on the beach all day and then go back to the party at night,” Jacquemus explained. “I like this spring series very much and I want to make a beautiful memory for it.” Von steiner also feel the same for these clothes, and hope that the movie reflects his ideas, “his mother, her style, summer, fall in love, become a woman, and fully gaze you – this is a little strange, and made a statement on the series. “Von steiner also pointed out that the project feels,” unique and special. Simon and I pass ideas back and forth, and they’re all very free-flowing. I would think of something, Simon would twist it and make it better. This is a real partnership. ”

Jacquemus cape type vest skirt, polka dot wrap dress and tassel detail on the runway is called salsa dancing party, of course, and in the new video with Von Steiner, the mood is really became a reality. Above, this is La Bomba’s exclusive premiere.

Milan fendi’s front row is home to a number of superstars, from films, art and fashion. This season, however, in familiar faces such as Sasha Lane and Sita Abellan, the two rookies stole the show. German twins Lisa and Lena Mantler took part in the brand’s fall collection, which featured colorful sportswear and a flash of light in the process. Although their names may not be familiar to those in their 30s, the duo dominates social media. Named after the voice app Musical, they are already packed with nearly 30 million fans, including Bruno Mars’ “Perm” and Sia’s “Snowman”. They move in sync and tune each song so well that you swear their voices are theirs. The sisters were undoubtedly observable.

The two companies signed a model contract with Next Management late last year, apparently targeting fashion. Lovely, suitable for age and play, their coordination equipment, with Fendi mini handbag handle, is a style of victory. At the age of 15, they joined the ranks of teenage adventurers such as Millie bobbi brown and willo Smith, whose youthful appearance added glamour to the party and performance of the fashion month. Of course, the mantelle sisters will have twice as much fun this season.


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