3 destinations that passengers may wish to avoid in 2018.


Venice, Italy
Venice – st. mark’s cathedral.
The mass tourism in Venice drove many residents away from the canal city.
Miguel medina/AFP/getty images.
Tourists took to the streets in 2017 to vent their frustrations, after the venetians took a selfie after riding a cruise and cruise ship on the Rialto Bridge and returning.
In response to mass tourism, the city’s population has dropped sharply to 55,000, and about 30 million people travel there each year.
In fact, it is now planned to prevent cruise ships from sailing on the judeka canal, rather than forcing them to take a new, longer route in the iconic lagoon.
If you have to go that…
Put down your selfie stick and try to explore the quiet backwater. Also, try eating at local restaurants and bars instead of major tourist hotspots.

Anaxi has many canals, gorgeous lakes and amazing buildings, none of which is beyond the reach of Venice.
Santorini, Greece.
In 2017, santorini welcomes about 2 million visitors.
In 2017, santorini welcomes about 2 million visitors.
Courtesy Maggie Meng/Creative Commons/Flickr.
There are few places in the world as spectacular as santorini, but a small island in kiklaze, Greece, is breaking ground.
In 2017, nearly two million people will visit, and about 85, 000 of them will be parked near the crater, and passengers will only need hours, not days.
Although the island’s mayor is capped at 8,000 a day, santorini is in serious danger of losing its allure as a result of the tourist boom.
If you have to go that…
Stay in the local B&B and avoid the moral hazard of donkeys visiting the port.
Located in the same archipelago as santorini, naxos has rugged hills and beautiful beaches. Padus is also a worthy, peaceful choice in dodecanis, with excellent beaches and restaurants.
The taj mahal in India.
The taj mahal – tourist.

India is limiting the number of domestic visitors to the taj mahal.
Dominic Faget/AFP/getty images.
Eight million visitors visit the taj mahal every year, about half of international visitors. As a result of the chaos, the crowd piled into the land of the world’s most iconic mausoleum.
But with white marble turning yellow and pollution on the adjacent yamuna river, plans are under way to contain the Numbers.
The authorities are considering limiting the current 40 rupees (60 U.S. cents) discount to domestic tourists to $40,000 a day.
However, international tourists, who charge a further 1,000 rupees ($15), are still able to enter their ranks.
If you have to go that…
Arrive at dawn. The gate opens at 6 a.m., when it’s best to get there. In addition, be prepared to be pushed.
The mausoleum in new Delhi may be less spectacular than the taj mahal.


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