Cool children’s rally in Los Angeles celebrates superflight fashion collaboration at the underground museum.


Beth Gibbs, the co-founder of Los Angeles, is the queen of cool street clothes in California. But her latest project revolves around her absolute feminist views. “I want to show women, especially black women, through the lens of women. ‘it’s not that we usually use it to filter men’s eyes,’ she says. This is why Gibbs selection in her own product series Bephie and Pierre Davis founded by cooperation between local brands No Sesso, on Sunday in underground museum held a joyous celebration. “When I was growing up here, the girls at Slauson interchange would match their hair clips with their Nikes. They look so flying! “She said. “Flying without even trying. When women dress for themselves, this is where creativity and creativity really come into play. “Davis Shared gibbs’ view that as a black transgender woman, she was also keen to redefine how the women of color and LGBTQ + communities presented and presented in fashion. “Beth and I mapped the whole series in one day,” Davis said. “It’s a passionate and comprehensive idea.”

The speech took place in the purple garden, an anachronistic afternoon. Around the block a long line, but the atmosphere is common, the crowd impressive diversification: generations and serious, colorful and fashionable avant-courier, even if there are like actors Jesse Williams, production team, cloning artist Arthur jie method, musicians Kelsey Lu to attend. A young man sketched out a time line of girls while talking to a friend, a woman walking through a red ruffle groove and matching the flare. There were a couple of pants and a bubble jacket, a green sequined dress and very futuristic glasses. As guests waited for the speech to begin, many attended the museum’s “color artists” program, which was planned by the late painter and the underground co-founder, Noah Davis. Just before sunset, when the models into the garden, and went into the surrounding it, and set foot on on a row of tall wooden cases, DJ Alima Lee in the 70 s and 80 s soul, houses and Gospel songs for the first time put forward the first song. Thin, pine
This series is absolutely avant-garde – one can imagine it being worn by the children of art school in the fictional African country Wakanda, pictured in the panther. Many of the clothes are characterized by a number of young black women created by Pierre Davis using fingertip waves, oversized sunglasses, or door ring earrings. These styles are reminiscent of the legendary Bronner Brothers international beauty show in Atlanta each year. Silhouettes are loose and athletic and can be collected or collected by manipulating a zipper or belt made of ropes to collect or collect the shapes of many of the 20 pieces in the collection. Other features include no Sesso fabric and redevelopment materials: neon green, orange, red and yellow popup against navy blue tear resistant nylon and cream cotton canvas. As the day turned to night, the game ended with a happy dance, as many of the festival’s best celebrations were done. For Bephie and No Sesso, black history month ends with a beautiful new beginning.


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