Dick’s sporting goods and wal-mart announced new gun restrictions.


Two U.S. retailers have announced new restrictions on gun sales after a school shooting in Florida, killing 17 of them.
The company, which owns more than 600 stores, says it no longer sells assault rifles and supports “common sense gun reform”.
Walmart later said it would raise the minimum age for people who buy guns or ammunition to 21.
When Marjory Stoneman Douglas high school came back to class.
Two weeks after students and teachers arrived at the campus, anxious counselors were present, and two of their 17-year-old peers were gunned down by a former student with an ar-15 rifle.
After the Feb. 14 shooting, U.S. politicians were under pressure to rein in guns and businesses and cut ties with the powerful national rifle association (NRA).
The company includes Hertz car rental, united airlines and delta airlines have ended the discount NRA members.
Trump: lawmakers are afraid of America’s gun lobby.
School officials in Florida defended his actions.
After the gun rampage, “nail the school threat”
Wal-mart, America’s largest gun seller, said it would remove items from its website similar to assault rifles.
The retailer stopped selling high-capacity rifles in its stores in 2015 on the grounds that demand was low.
“We take responsibility seriously and become responsible gun sellers,” wal-mart said in a statement.
In Washington, President Donald trump urged a group of divided lawmakers to come up with a comprehensive bipartisan solution on television.
Republican congressional leaders refused to improve from 18 to 21 years old minimum legal age to buy a rifle, but trump said he “would seriously consider it,” although the NRA support him as a candidate of opposition.

“Some of you are terrified and you can’t be intimidated,” he told lawmakers.
On Wednesday, a teacher in Georgia was arrested after he closed his classroom and opened fire. No one was hurt
In the announced policy changes, dick’s sporting goods company, said in a statement “issued to student organizations and schools in our country and the sound of the gun violence in other parts of the world” said great respect and admiration.
It added: “we have heard of you and the country has heard you.”
The retailer says it is working on:
No longer a sales charge type rifle (the company in 2012, Sandy Hook shot after has stopped in its main shop sells such weapons, but run by a subsidiary called Field&Stream 35 stores continue to do so)
It is forbidden to sell high-volume magazines so that more photos can be launched without reloading.
Don’t sell guns to anyone under 21.
It said that while it supported the second amendment to the U.S. constitution, the amendment protects the right to own and bear arms, but “gun violence is an epidemic that is killing too many people.”
Dick’s chief executive, Edward pat, told CNN that he expected to be opposed by some clients, saying: “the hunting business is an important part of the business, no doubt”.
Parker LAN shot the suspect, 19-year-old nicolas cruz, who bought a gun in dick’s hand but did not say the weapon he used to attack, stark said.


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