Six teenagers running for governor of Kansas suddenly seem less ridiculous.


MERRIAM, kan – and now, from the Midwest, in which a slender hope has arrived in khaki pants and suits all sorts of breed of design and color coating of the child’s form, because the patriarch of a few years old boy running Kansas governor’s report.
Kansas is going to be the boy’s governor. It’s an interesting concept, and then it becomes ridiculous, and then there’s a national tragedy, and it’s not funny, but it’s actually close to tenderness, even pain.
But on a Monday before valentine’s day, six teenagers ran for the top job in a state that had never bothered a governor’s age, but that was still absurd. That afternoon, when a suburban mother named Carrie Stracy was discussing whether to make a Patty or use salmon in the refrigerator, her son Tyler Ruzich sat in the bedroom discussing his candidacy.
“I always thought that oneself more moderate, is almost a democrat, Eisenhower” 17-year-old Tyler says, his opponent in the republican primary this summer including the current governor’s secretary of state and Kansas. “For me, the question of government is a question of adequacy. There should be no effort to grow, but there should be enough money to support the project. ”
About “Kansas experiment”, the former governor Sam brownback (R) of tax cuts to the state into a class of disruptive and closed social project – “I’m against this kind of practice, of course,” said Taylor.
Taylor’s tiny build, blonde hair and a serious saying, “I’m not sure”, when he wants to think about something. He drove to Oldsmobile to go to the north high school in Shawnee Mission. He was a junior high school student, or he was picking up his girlfriend at another high school. When they met, his girlfriend didn’t know that Taylor was running, but soon after, he learned something while walking through the town, and someone kept Shouting, “hey, guvino!”

Taylor from the party’s nomination is still a long way to go, but he does have a slogan – “the next generation of republicans” – he does have a web site, he does have a 11-year-old sister named saadi, wearing a light blue T-shirt, it reads “Ruzich called for”, especially when she heard the company is coming.
And then there are six
Taylor was technically the second young governor to compete in the race. The first is the age of 16 Democrats from wichita “Jason, jack announced his part in the summer of 2017 to provide comprehensive Obama health care -” affordable health care “to help his family. Taylor heard about jack through social media and held out his hand. Jack persuaded him that if there were teen candidates from both sides, they could make a big statement about the state of Kansas. Tyler was the captain of his school debate team, whose walls were plastered with posters of the U.S. constitution, logged into the state’s website and downloaded the necessary forms.
The third teen candidate was Ethan Randleas, a 17-year-old wichita libertarian. The fourth was Dominic Sc avuzzo, 17, a republican from Kansas city. Mr. Scavuzzo’s classmate, Joseph Tutera, was 16 years old and became fifth in a few weeks. Sixth is Aaron Coleman, 17 years old, the green party candidate, although several other people admit that they are not completely sure Coleman is still running (” I have never seen him, “Dominic recently told Taylor), his Twitter account seems to fit in and started work.
Still, it is fair to say that five or six teenage boys are running for governor of Kansas.
What they mean. They came to reflect the swamp of the country. Fifteen months ago, Donald trump won the presidency based on the idea that politics was so corrupt. Americans can only trust inexperienced outsiders. But Mr Trump’s popularity has never expanded beyond his base, and now the governor of Kansas represents another reboot: the real outsider. I really have no experience. If Kansas’s law allows a group of hormones teenagers to stop voting – then some bystanders shrug their shoulders, and maybe those are the candidates we deserve.


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